deep state

Barack Obama’s Deep State was counting on their connections in the FBI and Justice Department to shield them from prosecution for their misdeeds during the 2016 election.

But that plan just blew up in their faces.

That’s because this Deep State agent was caught in a lie that could expose all of Obama’s awful crimes.

Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson is at the center of the Deep State conspiracy against Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee hired his firm to dig up dirt on Trump during the 2016 election.

Fusion GPS then hired ex-British spy Christopher Steele to put together the fake news Russia dossier that would frame Trump and his campaign for collusion with Russia.

This was the genesis of the collusion between the Obama administration, FBI, and the Clinton campaign to rig the 2016 election.

In 2017, the Senate Judiciary Committee hauled Simpson before them to testify about this mushrooming scandal.

Simpson and his Deep State allies figured he got away scot-free after his appearance.

But they were sorely mistaken.

In the wake of Michael Cohen pleading guilty to making false statements to Congress about when plans for a Trump Tower in Moscow fell apart, Democrats on the committee sought to use that as a jumping off point for a fishing expedition into Donald Trump, Jr.

Trump, Jr. testified that he knew about the project, but fake news reporters – as well as Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut – falsely claimed Trump, Jr. lied in his testimony because the deal ended in 2014.

The President’s son testified about an earlier Moscow project that didn’t come to fruition.

But in his letter, Grassley dropped another bombshell when he accused Simpson of “outright lying” to the Committee when he said Fusion GPS stopped working on the Trump-Russia connection after the election.

Grassley wrote, “Contrary to Mr. Simpson’s denial in the staff interview, according to the FBI and others, Fusion actually did continue Trump dossier work for a new client after the election. As part of the public release of the House Intelligence Committee’s majority report on its Russia investigation, the executive branch declassified some previously classified information from an FBI document.”

The House Intelligence Committee released as part of their investigation into the plot to frame Trump for Russian collusion the fact that former Dianne Feinstein staffer Daniel Jones told the FBI he headed up a group – that was in part funded by George Soros – which had raised $50 million dollars to fund the smear campaign against Trump.

Trump supporters are questioning the double standard.

Robert Mueller uses any misstatements from Trump’s allies to threaten throwing the book at them unless they fabricate testimony against the President.

But Deep State allies like Simpson are free to live their lives despite obvious lies under oath.

If the Department of Justice prosecutes Simpson for lying, they can squeeze him for details about who in the Obama administration, FBI, and Clinton campaign knew what and when in regards to the plot to spy on Trump during the 2016 campaign.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.