Debbie Wasserman Schultz is currently at the center of not only a large political scandal, but a national security threat as well.

Wasserman Schultz employed former House IT Tech Imran Awan, who was arrested by the FBI and under suspicion of a sensitive data breach.

Yet, Representative Schultz continued to employ Awan– and now may face severe legal consequences for her ignorance.

An ethics watchdog group is filing a case against Schultz for continuing to pay Awan even after he attempted to flee the country, knowingly under FBI investigation.

The Daily Caller reported:

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) focused the complaint on the fact that Wasserman Schultz continued to employ and paid House IT aide Imran Awan, even while he was under criminal investigation and banned from the House computer network.

“There is something quite amiss as to why Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz continued to use taxpayer funds to employ former technology staff member, Imran Awan, even months after he was barred from accessing the House’s computer systems and a number of her colleagues severed ties with Awan,” said FACT executive director Matthew Whitaker.

“Since Awan’s arrest last week, Wasserman Schultz has been evasive and unable to answer even basic questions about the nature of Awan’s employment with her office. This only further confirms the urgency of an investigation into her unethical and illegal actions,” Whitaker added.

Shultz was not alone in her defense of the Awan family either.

Several Democratic representatives continued to show loyalty to the Awan family, despite them all being suspected of stealing both government equipment and information.

Employees that worked alongside the Awan family members expressed their concerns that several key Democrats may have been blackmailed by the criminal family.

The Daily Caller continued:

The FBI arrested Awan on bank fraud charges last week as he attempted to flee the country to Pakistan, where he had recently wired almost $300,000. Awan and several of his family members who worked for dozens of House Democrats are suspected of stealing computers and improperly accessing and transferring House members’ computer files.

The Awans received millions of dollars in taxpayer funds for their work as IT staffers for Democratic congressional members. They had full access to dozens of members’ emails and confidential files, and it is near impossible to track what they did with their access, according to a former House technology worker with first-hand knowledge of the situation. Several House IT workers said that members of Congress displayed inexplicable loyalty to the Awans and expressed concern that the Awans could be blackmailing congressional Democrats.

While Representative Wasserman Schultz continues to make excuses for her bizarre support for the Awan family, the FBI’s investigation into Imran Awan’s affairs is ongoing.

Currently, Wasserman Schultz continues to dodge both the press and officials who want to question her interactions with the Awan family.

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