Over 16 million Americans are now legally permitted to carry concealed firearms, a 265 percent increase in ten years, a new report states.

But one county in particular is leading the way.

“During President Obama’s administration, the number of concealed handgun permits soared to over 16.36 million – a 256% increase since 2007,” a new report by John Lott’s Crime Prevention Resource Center reveals.

“Last year, the number of permit holders grew by a record 1.83 million. This is more than the previous record increase of 1.73 million, set just the year before. Each of the last four years that we have been recording this data has set a new record,” Lott notes.

But nowhere in America is concealed carry more popular than in Potter County, Pennsylvania.

There, 50.3 percent of all adults hold a concealed carry permit, the highest rate of licensed carry in any county in the United States.

Its rate of concealed carry permits blows away, figuratively speaking, the rest of the state.

The next closest counties were McKean (34.6%), Warren (34.6%), Cameron (31.3%), and Armstrong (30.1%).

Residents couldn’t be more proud.  Comments left on a local news blog, “Solomon’s Words,” proved locals were thrilled.

“You know the saying, ‘An armed society is a polite society’? Our manners must be right up there with those of the hoity-toity bunch! :),” said user “Sarah.”

“’THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BARE ARMS WILL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON’ Proud to be in that percentile!,” noted an anonymous user.

“When half the people u approach might be carrying a weapon, wouldn’t u think hard about trying something foolish,” said another.

One anonymous commenter thought 50.3 percent was too low.

“Trump 2020 let’s make potter county 99.8 percent adults with carry permits,” he noted.

Partial credit may go to Potter County Sheriff Glenn Drake.

His department places concealed carry application information front and center on the departmental website, along with links to national and state gun rights organizations.

That’s a far cry from most politically-chosen officers who try to hide it, or deny permits outright.

Potter County is the kind of place Barack Obama had in mind when he clucked to a San Francisco crowd that “these small towns in Pennsylvania” “cling to guns or religion.”

That’s probably why Obama got only 30.5 percent of the vote there in 2008.

At least he fared better than Hillary Clinton.

She got only 16.7 percent of the vote in Potter County against Donald Trump, who took home 80.1 percent.

Potter County could be the capital of MAGA Country.

A Democrat presidential ticket has won there only once since 1888, and that was when President Lyndon Johnson got only 52.9 percent against Barry Goldwater in one of the biggest Democrat presidential landslides in history.

Located at dead center of Pennsylvania’s border with New York, it’s the “keystone” of the Keystone State.

Its lush timber and prime hunting and fishing spots are why residents call it “God’s Country”.

Between that, and its rich natural gas reserves, you can see why Potter County isn’t keen on environmentalism.

And one can imagine that the 50.3 percent figure will only get higher under Trump.

“Despite expectations that permits were primarily driven by fears of Democratic presidencies, the growth in permits has continued at a similar pace after the November 2016 election,” Lott’s report notes.