What is it with Democrats and security issues?

An IT employee was accused several months ago of mishandling security information by hacking into Congressional records, among other allegations.

While many Democrats disregarded the employee as a threat, several other Congressional members were concerned about a potential security breach– and now, those who have worked with Imran Awan are coming clean about his real demeanor.

The Pakistani-born House IT administrator was described as being a charming, but dishonest manipulator with a greedy side.

Relatives also said Awan frequently manipulated and took advantage of people, to the point where his own father changed his name so the two would bear no legal attachment.

Several tenants of the real estate owned by Imran spoke of his nefarious character as well.

The Daily Caller reported:

Imran is very cunning and shady,” said Cristal Perpignan, a federal manager who rented a house from Imran, and who had repeated run-ins with him over money. “He gives you a sob story and you believe him.” Imran told her and other renters that his name was Alec.

Imran manipulated a high school buddy, Haseeb Rana, by having him do the work of Imran’s relatives — who fellow IT guys said were rarely seen — while earning less money than them, Haseeb’s father Tanwir said.

Imran is outgoing and relishes displays of power and influence. “My son is quiet, Imran is the opposite of that. He has pictures of him shaking hands with all the officials,” Rana said.

Despite his own family members saying he is untrustworthy, several Democrats kept Awan on their payroll even after his investigation was underway.

The Daily Caller reported:

Awan had full access to the emails and files of dozens of members of Congress, and is the target of a Capitol Police criminal investigation into, as Politico described it, “committing serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network.”

However, members of Congress have not treated the situation as a potential security breach, instead saying that they trust Imran and do not think he would sell their data or use it for nefarious purposes like blackmail.

Among almost every person interviewed by TheDCNF, those who know him — including close relatives — described Imran as a savvy person and a calculating tactician who had tried to scam them.

Politico described Democratic Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida and Gregory Meeks of New York as having a “friendly personal relationship” with Imran and his wife. Meeks said he saw no evidence of anything “nefarious,” and Wasserman Schultz refused to fire him even though the House Sergeant-at-Arms has banned him from the network.

Awan had full access to the emails and files of many Congressional members, and though Capitol police are investigating the crime, he has not been charged thus far.

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