Fake news CNN never saw it coming.

The network repeated one lie about Donald Trump over and over again.

But it just backfired in this jaw dropping way and the network may never be the same again.

CNN Exit Polls Show Trump’s Immigration Agenda Is Popular

Donald Trump made immigration and the migrant caravan the key to his midterm closing message.

Republicans suffered expected losses in the House.

Democrats took back the majority.

But everyone predicted that would happen.

Even still, CNN tried to sell the midterms as the American people turning against Trump.

What no one saw coming was the GOP winning unexpected Senate and Governor races.

The GOP victories were due to Trump putting immigration front and center and those candidates embracing the Trump agenda.

CNN’s own numbers show why Trump’s immigration agenda is the path to victory for the GOP.

According to the CNN exit polls, 50 percent of voters nationwide said Trump’s immigration agenda is “just right” or “not tough enough”.

Those numbers rose to 54 percent in Florida, 57 percent in Arizona, and 60 percent in Ohio and Georgia.

50 percent of Wisconsin voters also thought Trump’s immigration agenda was “just right.”

House Republicans – led by pro-open borders speaker Paul Ryan – tried to distance themselves from Trump on immigration.

Voters swept them from office.

Republican Senate challengers who stuck by Trump booted Democrats from office.

The only two Republicans who lost contested Senate races – Dean Heller in Nevada and Martha McSally in Arizona – were Never Trump Republicans who at one time supported amnesty.

Why CNN And Other Fake News Media Outlets Lie About Trump And Immigration

But Americans who consumed only fake news media like CNN were told a different story.

Liberal outlets like CNN claimed Trump’s immigration agenda sunk the GOP in the suburbs and cost Republicans the House.

CNN knows what their poll numbers say.

And they want to hide the truth from the American people.

Immigration is a winning issue for Donald Trump.

CNN’s primary function is to help elect Democrats and advance the leftist agenda.

So they will spend their time trying to convince Americans that up is down.

They think if they can knock Trump off message, then the Democrat nominee in 2020 stands a better chance of defeating Trump.

Many establishment Republicans will take the bait.

They support amnesty and open borders to begin with.

And they secretly wish a Democrat was President instead of Trump.

Why CNN’s Lie Backfired

In the wake of the elections, Trump told his advisors the results backed up his decision to push immigration.

Republicans grew their Senate majority.

Trump’s message played at the national and swing-state level.

Arizona and Georgia will be key swing states in 2020.

Democrats believe because they won the Arizona Senate race and came close in the Georgia Gubernatorial election that those states are ripe for the picking.

But Donald Trump’s signature issue – America First immigration policies – is wildly popular.

That means the Democrats must fight the 2020 election on terrain favorable to Donald Trump.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.