CNN led the media charge blaming Donald Trump for a series of suspicious packages mailed to Democrats and CNN.

They claimed his violent rhetoric incited the bomber.

But they were hiding a secret about who may have really been responsible.

CNN Blames Trump For Mail Bombs

CNN pounced on the packages mailed to top Democrats like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama – as well as one to CNN – to try and score political points against Trump.

The political narrative turned against the Democrats in October.

Americans rejected their attempts to use women who lied about Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulting them to stop his confirmation.

And the migrant mob marching through Central America has terrified voters.

Democrats’ response was to oppose any attempt by Trump to stop the migrant invasion.

So CNN seized on the suspicious package to change the narrative.

They pushed the story that Trump had whipped Americans into such hatred that a crazed bomber tried to kill Democrats and members of the media.

To make matters worse, multiple CNN anchors took to social media or went on the air and lied about not blaming Trump.

The Bomb Story Collapses

But the bombs were hoaxes.

They were not real.

Former Fox News reporter Adam Housley owned this story.

The day CNN and other Democrats received the packages, he tweeted out that his law enforcement sources told him the bombs were hoaxes.

They were never designed to detonate.

He confirmed that story with further reporting.

Housley tweeted:

So here is the clarification on semantics on all this: the FBI Lab wil[email protected] the final call on all of these. So far the belief is that they all didn’t go off by design. They were all missing a couple of components.

Some of the media is reporting they could have because of the powder found inside. It was an unstable powder…and again the strong belief is that all were missing a couple of components on purpose. None could have gone off this far

AND…..Agents also don’t want everyone to think they are all hoaxes, because one could be real…people might let their guards down. And that might be the long game in all this. So again semantics…hoax may never be used officially, but all were designed not to detonate.

These were not lethal devices.

And no one knows who sent them.

CNN has no idea if a Trump supporter sent them.

Of course, journalists are rooting for that to be the case.

But it could also be a deranged lunatic with no political affiliation.

Just last week, federal officials arrested William Clyde Allen for sending ricin to President Trump, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Allen was a registered Democrat in 2004, but switched to the Republican Party in 2017.

So far, there is no known political motivation.

Unlike the hoax bombs sent to Democrats and CNN, the ricin he sent was very real.

But the media did not cover it because it did not fit their narrative, and they hate Trump and everyone who works for him.

This is another clear example of the fake news media’s double-standard when it comes to encouraging violence against Republicans.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.