CNN pulls out all the stops to try and destroy Donald Trump.

The network runs fake news and political activism disguised as journalism to try and drive Trump from office.

But CNN ended up with an egg on their face after this gigantic lie backfired in a major way.

CNN Goes Overboard

CNN spent days hyping up the “Unite the Right Rally 2.”

The rally was organized by white supremacist Jason Kessler who organized last year’s march in Charlottesville.

Kessler is a former Obama voter and Occupy Wall Street protester, but the media falsely portrays him as a conservative to tie him to Trump.

CNN hosts used their programs to demand Trump denounce the rally –  even though Trump has repeatedly denounced racism in all its forms – and to claim that this rally was emboldened by Trump’s conduct in office.

Multiple CNN hosts and contributors smeared President Trump as racist by butchering the context of his remarks.

The Real Story of the Rally

The “Unite the Right 2” rally was pathetic.

Just 15 to 20 white supremacists showed up to march in Washington.

The dismal attendance proved CNN’s over the top reporting was a complete lie.

And there is no constituency in American politics for white supremacy.

The supposed “alt-right” is a fringe group that has no connection or appeal to American conservatism or Donald Trump’s movement.

But the real story of the march was the conduct of the violent leftists who showed up to counter protest.

Anti-Fa and Black Lives Matter Protests Take a Frightening Turn

Foul mouthed liberals showed up to counter the white supremacists.

Left-wing agitators far outnumbered white supremacist marchers.

And the scene got ugly very quickly.

Liberals swore at police officers.

Anti-fa thugs threw eggs, water bottles and fireworks at cops.

And Breitbart exclusively reported on Black Lives Matter activists menacing innocent drivers in D.C.:

In footage taken by Breitbart News, Black Lives Matter activists can be seen attacking cars and threatening drivers who were attempting to drive down the streets of Washington, D.C.

“Back up! Back the *&^% up!” a group of Black Lives Matter activists shouted at a driver. “Go back that way @#$^&!” Get your ass back!”

The car eventually began backing up due to the threats.

Another driver tried passing through and was immediately met with attacks and threats by a mob of Black Lives Matter activists. The Black Lives Matter activists can be seen in this Breitbart News footage kicking the vehicle and demanding the car reverse. The car eventually backed up.

Despite journalists capturing the violent and chaotic behavior of liberals on camera, CNN identified the liberal goons as “anti-hate groups.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted:

Banner on CNN:


CNN’s ridiculous coverage of the insignificant white supremacist march was a transparent attempt to hurt Trump.

But it backfired on every level.

The march was a failure and the real story, as it always is, was the escalation of violence and unhinged rhetoric from the radical left.