CNN has a major problem on their hands.

They thought that being a mouthpiece for the left-wing establishment in their news coverage would be a good move.

But after one CNN reporter waged a disgusting attack on President Trump, he was quickly reminded that the American people still support the President.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, most Americans were happy to see President Trump ready to lend support.

But CNN reporter Jim Acosta was more interested in finding reasons to attack the President.

On the day of Trump’s speech in Texas, Acosta shared a video attacking the President for his speech.

In the tweet he stated:

“Serious question: Does POTUS always have to care about his crowd size?”

In response, Trump supporters took on Acosta for his ridiculous attack.

It is clear that most Americans are more worried about those who need rescue than they are of President Trump remarking on his crowd size at a speech.

But to the left-wing media, attacking President Trump is more important than anything else.

And Jim Acosta is no stranger to criticizing the President.

He has made a name for himself for rudely interrupting and shouting at the President during White House press conferences.

Trump has consistently fired back at Acosta, famously calling him and CNN “fake news” on multiple occasions.

Since the election of Donald Trump, many believe CNN has lost every bit of credibility it once had.

CNN has become synonymous with the term “fake news” in households across the country.

Do you think CNN is fake news?

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