CNN reporter W. Kamau Bell the host of CNN’sUnited Shades of America” was accused of peddling hate after being caught on video making an inflammatory tirade.

If any news person made incendiary remarks to a partisan crowd to support a conservative cause they would have been promptly and rightly fired.  Why? Because the credibility of the news organization would be called into question.

This fuel was thrown on a fire after Antifa (which the FBI has declared is a domestic terrorist organization) had just attacked American citizens in the street.

You would think telling violent thugs to stop hitting people might be part of your message, but alas, Bell chose to give Antifa a pass.

So, yes, you have a First Amendment right to speak your mind.  And your employer has a First Amendment right to say, “You’re fired” too.

Here is Mr. Bell at the Berkley rally:

When the Nazis leave,” Bell said when given the microphone, “as they have left…you have to stand up for the brown people, the black people, the LGBT people, the immigrants–everybody every day!

Bell later sent out a series of tweets describing the events as himself being “given the chance to speak” although he “wasn’t expecting it.

But possibly the best response was from a rival network.  Tucker Carlson had the guts to call out CNN and Bell:

Bell was not willing to go on Tucker’s show to defend himself.

“[Bell] calls himself a political provocateur but that doesn’t quite capture it,” stated Carlson. “In fact, he is a supporter of Antifa.”

“He’s happy to stand up on stage and call his opponents Nazis. That’s not a label you use on people you want to debate. It’s a label you use to incite rage,” Carlson continued.

The conservative host then pointed out other journalists wouldn’t be able to get away with being attached to a radical group if the roles were reversed.

He asked viewers to imagine if a right-leaning host had been on stage for a militant group that openly stated it was fighting for white, Christian gun owners.

How would that go over?” Carlson asked. “This show would be canceled quickly and it would deserve to be canceled.

The truth is that Bell’s statements were divisive, racially slanted, and incited more anger.