CNN has been on a downward spiral.

The network was forced to retract a fake news story about Trump and Russia, and then leaked videos showed multiple CNN employees admitting that the Russia story is just a ratings ploy.

Now they’ve crossed a line that some say could be the end of the network.

CNN and other so-called “mainstream” media outlets were outraged when Trump tweeted a humorous GIF of him performing at Wrestlemania.
The GIF showed Trump beating on WWE owner Vince McMahon with a CNN logo superimposed over his head.

This came after Trump called CNN the “Fraud News Network” since multiple false Russia stories have been promoted by the network.

Journalist began clutching their pearls and claiming Trump was encouraging violence against members of the press.

These are the same reporters who regularly support late night comics who routinely call Republicans every name in the book – and CNN even tweeted photo shopped pictures of the Republican Governor of New Jersey on the beach, but liberals lose their sense of humor when they are the target.

So CNN tried to bully anyone who dared to think about criticizing their network.

They hunted down the reddit user who made the GIF and the network’s statement and tweets caused many critics to accuse CNN of blackmailing an anonymous private citizen because he made a GIF that the network didn’t like.

The reddit user was terrified of being “doxxed” – that is having your personal information revealed online – and apologized.

CNN released a statement that said they would keep his identity private so long as he behaved himself online and did not post anything they believed would violate his apology.

CNN tried to claim they didn’t coerce the apology, but they posted contradictory statements about when the reddit apologized for his meme.

WikiLeaks Julian Assange tweeted that CNN may have committed a crime by violating New York state’s laws against coercion.

If CNN was trying to silence critics, the move backfired.

#CNNblackmail was the number one trending topic on twitter in the entire United States.

We will keep updated on further developments in this story.


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