CNN has devoted their network to promoting the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

Their leadership has determined it could be the silver bullet in taking down Donald Trump.

But one special prosecutor left a CNN host speechless with what he said about the evidence of Trump colluding with Russia.

Former Whitewater special counsel Kenneth Starr appeared on CNN’s ‘New Day’ to discuss the ongoing investigation.

Starr – who is most famous for investigating President Clinton over lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky – stunned CNN’s Chris Cuomo when he said he saw no evidence of collusion.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Former special prosecutor Ken Starr broke Chris Cuomo’s spirit when he said he didn’t think there was any proof of collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump’s campaign, Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day.”

“I think that the indictment almost two weeks ago of the 13 Russian nationals and three companies suggests there was no collusion,” Starr said. “Because the Russians developed this enormous operation out of St. Petersburg and sent operatives into the United States to sow discord and spend millions of dollars. They didn’t collude with anyone.”

Cuomo couldn’t let the point go and had to chime in to say collusion was still a possibility. “But manifesting one tool does not exclude the possibility of others,” Cuomo said.

“Absolutely,” Starr replied. “I’m not over-arguing the point, I’m just saying it suggests there’s not a hint in that 40 page indictment that there was any collusion.”

Starr said it was incumbent upon the Department of Justice to find out if there was collusion and to be responsible for reigning special counsel Robert Mueller in if he loses sight of his mandate.

“The American people, I think, want to know was there collusion. Let’s get that answered, would be my sense if I was the Justice Department,” Starr concluded. “My sense would be, but I don’t have all the facts — Bob, I love you, but let’s just stay focused on what the issue is. And that’s collusion in the campaign.”

Cuomo was only shocked because CNN is hopelessly devoted to the fringe conspiracy theory that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

The FBI has been investigating this matter since July 2016.

Robert Mueller took over the probe in May 2017.

But no evidence of collusion has surfaced despite the entire resources of the federal government being devoted to investigating it.

At some point, CNN and their fellow travelers on the left will have to accept the reality that Donald Trump won the 2016 election fair and square.

They will not be able to nullify the results with conspiracies about collusion with Russia.

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