Democrats are still working to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.

They want to impeach him because they believe he lied under oath about drinking and abusing women.

But then a CIA agent stepped forward with this shocking truth about Brett Kavanaugh.

A Democrat Admits The Party Made A Mistake

Bryan Dean Wright is a former CIA agent and member of the Democrat Party.

He authored an op-ed that ran on where he stated that the Democrats “blew it” on the Kavanaugh fight.

He blasted the Democrats for manipulating the victims of sexual assault for political gain.

Wright claimed their plan backfired.

Wright cited polls that showed Independents were evenly split between believing Christine Blasey Ford or believing Brett Kavanaugh at 33 to 32 percent.

He noted that the allegations only united the Republican base behind Kavanaugh and inspired them to turn out in November.

Wright wrote:

It also means the progressive strategy of using sexual assault victims to bolster midterm turnout just backfired. Before the Kavanaugh fiasco, polls showed Republicans as less likely to vote in November than Democrats. The conservative base just wasn’t motivated to show up as compared to progressives.

That is no longer the case.

Republicans are now aflame with outrage. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s Braveheart-like performance at the Kavanaugh hearing was the most moving, to be sure, but anecdotal reading of conservative media, intellectuals and Twitter feeds confirm that the Democratic assault has awakened a Republican giant.

Indeed, the strategy of Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein has utterly backfired. A Republican surge is underway.

Wright Discusses Op-Ed On Fox News

Wright appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss his piece.

He noted that this entire mess was the Democrats fault.

Dianne Feinstein should have brought Christine Blasey Ford’s letter to Chairman Chuck Grassley the moment she received it.

The committee could have investigated her claim in private and it would’ve prevented the political circus that nearly ruined Kavanaugh’s life because of false allegations.

“We had the opportunity to do the right thing work with Republicans quietly, privately, and investigate the allegations — not in the public domain, not do a fact-finding mission in front of cameras, but to do it discreetly,” he said. “Instead we used allegations at the last possible minute, rallied up our base and frankly retraumatized a whole bunch of people. Not just Ms. Ford but a lot of folks in America who suffered from sexual assault. So that is the strategy that I found appalling watching these past couple of months,” Wright said.

Wright went on to explain how the Democrats badly misplayed their hand.

Had they handled the Ford allegation correctly, they could have ridden their voter enthusiasm advantage all the way to victory in November.

Instead, they woke up the Republican base.

“That tells me Senator Feinstein and Schumer really, really screwed up, right?” Wright concluded. “They had an opportunity to continue with the wind in their back and move this towards victory in November. And they blew it. They absolutely blew it.”

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.