Donald Trump’s enemies refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election.

Instead, they orchestrated a campaign of illegal leaks and fake news to force him from office.

But the CIA Director left Americans speechless when he made one shocking confession about the Deep State coup against Trump.

Former Acting CIA Director Michael Morell was one of the intelligence community officials who backed Hillary Clinton in 2016.

He was interviewed by Politico where he was asked about the political activity he and other intelligence community officials engaged in during the 2016 election.

Morell addressed that as well as the tsunami of leaks that plagued Donald Trump.

He stunned pundits by coming clean and saying leaking about Trump was a major mistake.

The Daily Caller reported:

“Politico’s Susan Glassner asked Morell if getting involved was a mistake and the former CIA official said that it wasn’t, but that “there were downsides to it that I didn’t think about at the time.”

“I was concerned about what is the impact it would have on the agency, right? Very concerned about that, thought that through. But I don’t think I fully thought through the implications,” Morell said.

“So, let’s put ourselves here in Donald Trump’s shoes. So, what does he see? Right? He sees a former director of CIA and a former director of NSA, Mike Hayden, who I have the greatest respect for, criticizing him and his policies. Right? And he could rightfully have said, ‘Huh, what’s going on with these intelligence guys?’ Right?”

“And then he sees a former acting director and deputy director of CIA criticizing him and endorsing his opponent,” Morell continued. “And then he gets his first intelligence briefing, after becoming the Republican nominee, and within 24 to 48 hours, there are leaks out of that that are critical of him and his then-national security advisor, Mike Flynn.”

Morell is referring to an NBC report that said Flynn was repeatedly interrupting briefers during the session.

“And so, this stuff starts to build, right? And he must have said to himself, ‘What is it with these intelligence guys? Are they political?’ The current director at the time, John Brennan, during the campaign occasionally would push back on things that Donald Trump had said,” Morell told Politico.

The former CIA acting director continued to reference leaked reports during the interview.

“Then he becomes president, and he’s supposed to be getting a daily brief from the moment he becomes the president-elect. Right? And he doesn’t. And within a few days, there’s leaks about how he’s not taking his briefing. So, he must have thought—right?—that, ‘Who are these guys? Are these guys out to get me? Is this a political organization? Can I think about them as a political organization when I become president?’”

He concluded: “So, I think there was a significant downside to those of us who became political in that moment. So, if I could have thought of that, would I have ended up in a different place? I don’t know. But it’s something I didn’t think about.”

This is the first on the record admission that the leak campaign was designed to damage Trump.

And so far it has failed.

While the Mueller witch hunt slogs on, the investigation has turned up no evidence of collusion and is seen by an ever increasing number of Americans as an illegitimate attempt to override the results of the 2016 election.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.