Chuck Schumer is on one of the biggest losing streaks ever.

After having a mediocre year working to stop President Trump, he just got hit with news that ruins everything for him.

And now, Schumer’s worst nightmare just became a reality.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has had one of the worst years imaginable.

After failing to retake the US Senate in 2018, Schumer started the year off watching helplessly as Republicans continued to pass bills in the Senate and approve of President Trump’s trade deals and judges.

Schumer can’t do anything about it either.

But it has only gotten worse from there for the New York Democrat.

Schumer then got news that Democrats were almost certainly going to lose the 2020 elections for control of the Senate as well.

Which means if President Trump wins re-election, he will be able to continue to appoint Supreme Court justices without any opposition from Democrats.

But for Schumer, his problems only continued to mount from there.

After the recent Democratic Presidential debates, Schumer had to stand by and watch in horror as Democrats tore into one another in front of an audience of millions of Americans.

Many of those Democrats serve with Schumer in the Senate as well.

And while Schumer likes to make it seem like Democrats are all on the same playbook about how to stop Trump and pass their own agenda in Washington, it became painfully clear for him that that was anything but the case.

The Washington Times reports, “The Senate’s top Democrat Wednesday papered over the deep divisions on health care that emerged in the previous night’s presidential primary debate, saying the fight within his party is nothing compared to the gap between Democrats and Republicans.”

Schumer has every reason to be worried.

If his party continues to tear itself apart on basic issues like healthcare, only time can tell how much the divide will grow on other questions such as whether or not Democrats should impeach President Trump.

And with Schumer already scrambling to find a way to retake control of the Senate next year, this news couldn’t have come at a worse time.

“Democrats’ presidential candidates sparred Tuesday over plans by the party’s left wing to embrace Sen. Bernard Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ proposal for a full government takeover of health insurance. Mr. Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren defended the proposal against more moderate Democrats who said they didn’t want to oust people from existing plans they like,” adds the Washington Times.

Schumer knows this is a divisive issue.

And he knows that the public isn’t sold on it yet.

But what he didn’t know and didn’t expect was that his own caucus members would be so vicious in the way they attacked one another over their differences on how to tackle healthcare.

And that surprise may end up being the worst news that Schumer will get all year long.

We will keep you up to date with any new developments in this ongoing story.