Chuck SchumerChuck Schumer and the rest of the Democrat Party think victory is assured in 2016.

But a new bombshell report has everyone on the left sweating bullets.

Chuck Schumer’s life got turned upside down when a scandal from the past surfaced.

The Democrats need to flip at least three Senate seats in 2020 to seize power.

Installing Chuck Schumer as Majority Leader will either end Donald Trump’s agenda and block all conservative judicial nominees or give a new Democrat president a majority to rubberstamp their anti-American and socialist agenda.

Democrats thought the election against RINO Senator Martha McSally was in the bag.

McSally is a pro-amnesty gun grabber that called Donald Trump “toxic.”

But the candidate the Democrat establishment handpicked to take on McSally, Mark Kelly– the former astronaut and husband for former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords – is about to be undone by a skeleton in his closet.

Giffords and Kelly are anti-gun fanatics that want to ban firearms.

The fake news media recently highlighted an email from Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward – a grassroots conservative Trump supporter – that declared conservatives needed to stop Kelly “dead in his tracks.”

Fake news reporters – who are really Democrat activists in disguise – tried to gin up a scandal around the phase ‘dead in his tracks’ because Giffords was wounded when a deranged gunman shot her in 2011.

But this controversy also worked against Kelly by highlighting his anti-gun fanaticism.

Ward’s comments referenced a 2015 interview Kelly gave to CNN where he made the outrageous claim that more guns make people less safe and that the federal government needed to step up and ban firearms.

“There’s one basic and pretty simple solution. Members of Congress and elected leaders in state legislatures around the country can certainly do something about it,” Kelly roared. “We really need to call up Washington, D.C. and ask members of the House and Senate to take action on this issue,” Kelly continued. “(We) need to close these loopholes that make it very easy for the mentally ill to get firearms.”

“The idea is where there are more guns, people are less safe. If you have a gun in any kind of situation where things start to get heated, there’s a higher likelihood that somebody’s going to get shot,” Kelly told CNN.

This is not true.

Democrats often complain that gun ownership is at record levels with nearly 400 million private guns in circulation.

But at the same time the violent crime and murder rates have fallen to decade lows.

Kelly’s outrageous comment that more guns make people less safe flies in the face of the facts and reality.

Arizona will be a swing state in 2020.

But it still leans right.

Republican Governor Doug Ducey won his re-election campaign in a landslide in 2018 despite it being one of the worst Republican years in decades.

Mark Kelly’s anti-gun past will only serve to disqualify him in the minds of gun owners that view McSally skeptically because of her pro-gun control past and were open to an alternative.

But since Kelly is even worse on the issue of the Second Amendment, it is unlikely single-issue gun voters will support his campaign.

And without winning Arizona there is no path to a Democrat Senate majority.

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