Chuck Schumer had a rough 2018. Not only did he fail to re-take the Senate, but Democrats actually lost seats.

And with his hopes of winning back the chamber in 2020 now in shambles, Schumer is hoping for a miracle to pull it off.

But his plans for capturing the Senate just took an unexpected nosedive that left Schumer outraged like never before.

Chuck Schumer got the short end of the stick in 2018.

At the same time that Democrats were retaking the House of Representatives and winning key congressional swing districts across the country, Schumer was watching Democrats lose seats in the US Senate.

Such a thing almost never happens, when the opposition party actually loses seats in one of the two chambers of Congress.

And yet Schumer began this year with even less Democrats by his side than before, having suffered devastating losses in states like North Dakota, Missouri, and even Florida.

Now, the Senate Minority Leader is working to lay the groundwork for retaking the Senate in 2020.

But his plans are already falling apart.

The Hill reports, “Democratic and Republican lawmakers believe next year’s battle for the Senate majority largely will hinge on the presidential race — and who wins the Democratic Party’s nomination.

Democrats think they have a shot at winning back the Senate and unified control of Congress, but only if their voters show up in mass to sweep Trump from office.”

This is desperation to the extreme.

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Schumer knows he has no chance of retaking the Senate in 2020, and his only hope is to bank on a massive Democratic turnout against the President in the race for the White House.

And he also knows that if that doesn’t happen, Democrats are at risk of losing even more seats in the Senate than the ones they already lost in 2018.

And now, his own allies are saying the same thing.

“It depends on who our candidate is,” said Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut. “We don’t win the Senate if we don’t win the presidency. Period. Stop. Getting that choice right is more important than anything else.”

Schumer is now fighting a political battle that almost certainly will end in defeat.

But he has no other option.

With the map so stacked against Democrats in 2020, their hopes of retaking the Senate more or less rest on the prospects of Democrats turning out in force to defeat the President.

But that still may not be enough.

Schumer has to defend key swing states and hold onto Democrats that represent heavily Republican seats, like Alabama’s Senate district.

And if he loses vulnerable Democrats in the Senate, he has to count on even more pickups from Republicans elsewhere.

The math simply isn’t adding up for him, and with just under a year and a half to go before the election, that fact is becoming more and more clear by the day.

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