Donald Trump and the Democrats are locked in a battle over funding for the border wall.

Chuck Schumer recently gave a speech designed to rally Democrat opposition to Trump’s signature proposal.

But he wished he never gave this speech after it backfired in one epic way.

Trump held a 90-minute meeting with Republicans and Democrats about immigration.

During the meeting, Trump restated his desire that funding for a border wall should be included in any legislative DACA fix.

Schumer immediately stormed to the Senate floor to slam the President and rally opposition to Trump’s signature proposal.

Breitbart reports:

“Tuesday on the Senate floor, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said President Donald Trump building a “medieval wall” on the U.S.-Mexico border was an “ineffective political gesture.”

Schumer said, “Effective border security includes a variety of technologies and resources, drones, infrared sensors, customs and border patrol agents, officers, and in some places secure fencing is appropriate. We agree with that. These were all ideas included in comprehensive immigration reform. That the Trump administration would cannibalize funding for these smart border security measures to pay for a wall that won’t work makes no sense. He said he campaigned on it. Oh, no, Mr. President you campaigned on a wall that Mexico would pay for. We’re waiting. But again, to take away the things that are needed to protect the border for a symbolic and ineffective political gesture.”

He added, “There’s nothing to this but politics. President Trump is fighting for an empty symbol rather than smart policy that will actually produce better security at our borders. We Democrats are willing, able, and eager to work with our Republican colleagues and the administration on smart, effective border solutions. As I’ve said, there may be a few places where a secure fence makes sense, but a medieval wall that you can’t see through across the length of the southern border will not make us any safer. Walls can be scaled over. Walls can be tunneled under. As I’ve been told, there be many, many tunnels under the wall in San Diego, some of which have not been detected.”

But if Schumer wanted to move Trump off demanding funding for the wall, he failed miserably.

Democrats always believe they can bully Republicans into accepting amnesty.

But Donald Trump is not a typical Republican.

He has held firm on his demand for a border wall.

Will he get his way?

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