Democrats were riding high.

All the polls showed them cruising to a midterm victory in November.

But Chuck Schumer couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the latest numbers.

Last month, a Monmouth University poll showed Democrats with a 15 point lead in the generic Congressional ballot.

This pointed to a 2010 type political tsunami where Republicans were washed away and Democrats took over both houses of Congress.

If the same happened were to happen again in this year’s midterms, the Democrats could drown the Trump administration in endless investigations and even begin impeachment proceedings against Trump.

But what goes up must come crashing down.

Americans began to learn more about the benefits of the tax cut bill.

Once the bill passed, corporations across America began announcing bonuses for workers and billions of dollars in new job-creating investments.

Even anti-Trump Apple CEO Tim Cook credited the tax cut bill for their decision to reinvest $350 billion in the United States, which will create 20,000 new jobs.

Americans started to take notice of the economic boom they were living in.

So Trump and the GOP’s numbers began to improve.

And this month’s Monmouth poll found the GOP slashing the Democrats’ lead to just 2 points.

This same survey found Trump’s approval rating rocketing up 10 points.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Republicans are gaining on their Democratic counterparts in the generic House ballot, a new poll published Wednesday found.

Democrats maintain a lead over the GOP on the generic ballot, with 47 percent of registered voters saying they’d support Democratic candidates over Republicans if the election were held today. Forty-five percent of voters would support GOP candidates, according to a Monmouth University Poll.

That latest figures for the generic ballot are a marked shift from December, when 51 percent of voters said they would back Democrats, compared to 36 percent who would cast ballots for Republican congressional candidates.

“The generic Congressional ballot is prone to bouncing around for a bit until the campaign really gets underway later this year,” Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, said. “But Democrats who counted on riding public hostility toward the tax bill to retake the House may have to rethink that strategy.”

Republicans are eager to tout the benefits of their tax bill, which was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump last month. But Democrats argued the legislation would benefit wealthy Americans and big corporations.

Since the passage of the tax bill, though, a number of major companies have announced new benefits for employees, including bonuses of up to $1,000 and increases to their respective minimum wages, which they attributed specifically to the GOP’s tax reform.”

Chuck Schumer cannot be pleased.

His entire goal for 2018 was tee up the Democrats to win the Senate.

But his plan to obstruct the President’s agenda and lie about him personally is not working out as planned.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in the 2018 elections.