The Democrats began 2018 salivating over their prospects in the midterm elections.

Polls showed them with a massive lead over Republicans.

But Chuck Schumer took one look at brand new polling and realized he has a problem.

Republicans have regained their footing in the early weeks of 2018.

Support for the historic tax cut bill is growing as Americans see their paychecks increase and companies handing out bonuses.

Voters are also crediting Trump’s policies for the economic boom in America.

That all adds up to stronger poll numbers for Republicans.

And they indicate that the outcome of the midterm elections is up in the air.

Breitbart reports:

“On the question of who voters trust more to handle key issues, voters have moved away from Democrats and towards Republicans…


June 2017: Democrats 40 / Republicans 42 — R+2

February 2018: Democrats 36 / Republicans 45 — R+9

Republican gain of +7

Job Creation

June 2017: D 40 / R 42 — R+2

February 2018: D 37 / R 43 — R+6

Republican gain of +4

National Security

June 2017: D 37 / R 43 — R+6

February 2018: D 33 / R 46 — R+13

Republican gain of +7


June 2017: D 40 / R 43 — R+3

February 2018: D 37 / R 43 — R+6

Republican gain of +3


June 2017: D 44 / R 34 — D+10

February 2018: D40 / R 36 — D+4

Republican gain of +6”

These improving poll numbers are bad news for Chuck Schumer.

Democrats must win two senate seats to win control of the upper chamber.

But they are defending ten seats in states that Donald Trump won.

They were counting on a toxic environment and a fired-up base to defend those incumbents and pick off Republican seats in Arizona and Nevada, which would make Chuck Schumer Majority Leader.

An increase in support and enthusiasm for Donald Trump and the Republicans will crush those dreams.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in the 2018 elections.