schumer 2.19

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats were trapped.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez led them to pick one big fight with Donald Trump.

And it ended when Schumer made a fool of himself with the most humiliating mistake of his life.

Democrats have decided so-called “man-made global warming” is their hill to die on.

This has happened in part because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced the insane “Green New Deal.”

Because Ocasio-Cortez is so popular with the Democrat base, party leaders—as well as their top-tier 2020 Presidential candidates – have to endorse this communist plan that would eliminate cars, cows, and airplanes.

So Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell scheduled a vote on the “Green New Deal.”

Schumer, Ocasio-Cortez, and the rest of the Democrats were furious.

Democrats insanity on so-called “man-made global warming” threatens to place them far outside the mainstream of American politics in 2020.

The last thing they wanted was to actually go on record about the “Green New Deal.”

It is the definition of a “lose-lose” scenario.

Either they could vote with their base and expose themselves as fringe radicals to the broad swath of the American electorate, or they could vote against the Soviet-style scheme and infuriate their base.

It was not a threat they took lightly.

Additionally, Ocasio-Cortez called for primary challengers to run against any Democrat who opposed her agenda, so a “no” vote on the “Green New Deal” would have been a career killer for some in the Democrat Party.

This left Schumer to make the best of a bad situation.

However, Schumer turned one mistake into two.

The Minority Leader strode down onto the Senate floor and delivered a bonkers speech.

Americans were aghast at what Schumer ranted about.

During the speech, Schumer praised America’s enemies – Syria, North Korea and Iran – for taking stronger actions to combat so-called “man-made global warming.”

“They’re taking their lead from the president, a man who is so willfully ignorant and foolish that he thinks he’s clever by ridiculing the global scientific consensus on climate change whenever it snows. Well, the American people are not laughing. They weren’t laughing when a U.S. Senator brought a snowball to the floor of this chamber to mock climate science. They weren’t laughing when President Trump called climate change a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese,” Schumer ranted.

The New York Democrat concluded, “The rest of the world isn’t laughing either, not when basically every country in the world, including Syria, North Korea, Iran are working together to reduce carbon emissions while the Trump administration has forced the United States to sit on the sidelines.”

Schumer put on display one of the worst aspects of Trump Derangement Syndrome – that Democrats hate their President more than they love their country.

No one could remember a time when the opposition party ever aligned themselves with hostile nations – much less one that threatened nuclear war not too long ago – just because the President opposed them on policy.

Americans judged Schumer’s performance to be among the most appalling and un-American display they had ever seen.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.