Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer is the Democrats’ Senate equivalent to Nancy Pelosi.

He decides what the Democrat Party is going to do in that chamber, much like Pelosi does in the House.

And he just admitted one fact that Nancy Pelosi wanted to stay secret.

With Nancy Pelosi’s articles of impeachment being passed in the House, the next step is for them to hit the Senate, where a trial will be held to decide the future of Donald Trump’s presidency.

If Democrats succeed, Trump will be removed from office, which means they will not have to face him in November.

This is the number one goal of the Democrat Party.

With Trump’s approval increasing with every day that goes by, they know they need to take drastic action if they expect him to be removed.

That’s why Nancy Pelosi isn’t taking any chances, and won’t send the articles of impeachment to the Senate until she knows the process is rigged in her favor.

Chuck Schumer admitted just as much in a shockingly candid moment.

“She wanted to see the arena in which she was playing when it came to a trial so she could appoint impeachment managers,” Schumer stated, before going on to blast Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“Now it’s becoming clear that Mitch McConnell will do whatever he can to avoid a fair trial, so she has some idea of what’s happening,” he said.

Schumer also lauded Pelosi for her actions, stating that she “prevented a quick acquittal.”

In reality, the reason Trump would likely have a quick acquittal in the Senate is that Democrats have an extremely weak case against him.

They aren’t even accusing him of doing anything illegal.

And what they are accusing him of has been proven false time and time again.

Schumer’s comments prove that Pelosi’s actions are nothing more than a ploy to ensure her articles of impeachment are as damaging as possible for Trump.

Already, the majority of Americans oppose removing Trump from office.

This is after Pelosi had months of control on the narrative through her rigged impeachment hearings, where Democrats made the rules and placed restrictions on Republicans to make it as hard as possible for them to make their case.

If the impeachment process moves to the Senate, Republicans will be in control, and be able to have fair standards.

Trump doesn’t need a rigged process to make his case.

Public opinion polls prove that the facts are on his side, and that everybody besides the most radical anti-Trump figures in the Democrat Party knows that.

Thankfully, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is working to ensure that Trump gets the chance to clear his name.

Once everything is said and done, it will be Nancy Pelosi who hurts the most from the impeachment process.

She has done more to unite the Republican Party than anybody else could ever do leading into the 2020 election.

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