Chuck SchumerThe Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt is headed toward a Senate trial.

That proceeding will determine Donald Trump’s fate.

And Chuck Schumer is afraid to confront one impeachment reality that sealed his doom.

It takes 67 Senators to convict a president on articles of impeachment and remove a president from office.

The focus of the coverage in the fake and corrupt news media has been on if any Republicans – let alone the 20 necessary to obtain convictions – would defect and join the Democrats.

Fake news reporters are pressing the narrative because they think if they can pressure four Republicans to vote with the Democrats, the fake news can claim that even though the Senate acquitted President Trump on impeachment, a majority of Senators still voted to remove him from office.

The fake and corrupt news media wants this storyline coming out before a Senate impeachment trial because President Trump will boast that an acquittal means the Senate exonerated him on the charges made by Democrats.

But the fake news media is overlooking one crucial fact.

The idea that it would take four Republicans voting for articles of impeachment to get a majority of the Senate supporting conviction assumes that all 47 Democrats will vote for conviction.

And that is far from assured.

A number of Democrats hail from red states and hope to continue their political career.

Alabama Democrat Doug Jones is running for re-election in Alabama next November.

President Trump’s approval rating stands at 59 percent in Alabama and Trump stands to at least match his 2016 margin of victory of 20 points.

If Jones votes to impeach President Trump, it is an admission he knows he can’t win and that his political future depends on a future Democrat president appointing him to an administration position.

But if Jones wants to try and save his hide next November, Jones will vote to acquit Donald Trump.

Likewise, West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin faces a difficult decision.

Manchin won the election in West Virginia pretending to be a conservative, but in reality, he votes the radical left party line.

For instance, Manchin claims to be pro-gun, but in 2013 Manchin teamed up with Barack Obama to try and ram a national gun registration scheme through Congress.

If Manchin wants to run for re-election to the Senate or for his old job of Governor of West Virginia in 2024, Manchin needs to vote to acquit President Trump.

Finally, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema is another red state Democrat that could vote for acquittal.

For all the talk in the fake news media that a growing Latino population will turn Arizona blue, the reality is Arizona still stands as a red state.

A recent OH Insights poll shows Donald Trump leads Joe Biden in Arizona.

But beyond the poll numbers, Sinema’s tried to tack to the center since squeaking out a victory in 2018.

If Arizona was really going blue, Sinema would embrace her left-wing roots instead of pretending to want to work with Donald Trump.

Impeachment is backfiring on the Democrats in both the House and the Senate.

The current state of affairs in impeachment points towards there being bipartisan opposition to impeaching and removing Donald Trump from office.

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