Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are busy plotting a path back to power.

They just unveiled their new agenda for the 2018 midterms.

And one thing about it just blindsided Donald Trump.

During the Obama era, Democrats were defined by social issues and identity politics.

Transsexuals picking and choosing what bathroom they wanted to use.

Homosexual marriage.

Black Lives Matter.

Abortion as a woman’s “right.”

Democrats believed they could employ cultural wedge issues to exploit their so-called demographic advantage to permanently control Washington.

But a backlash was building.

Regular Americans were sick of being told they were bigots because they believed in traditional values and the normal gender structures of society.

Donald Trump’s campaign was the manifestation of the pushback from real America against the attempted cultural hijacking by liberal elites.

Now that Democrats are shut out of power at the federal level and have been reduced to rubble at the state level, Chuck Schumer and other national Democrats are plotting a path back to the majority.

And when they released their messaging campaign for the 2018 midterms there was one issue cluster noticeably missing.

There was no mention of social issues.

Politico reports:

“Congressional Democratic leaders descended upon this rural Virginia town Monday to unveil a progressive economic package they say can win back working-class voters next November, even in red states.

And noticeably missing, amid the talk of raising wages and reining in corporate interests, were the left-leaning stances on social issues that help form the backbone of the party, including immigration, abortion and LGBT rights.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) vowed that his party’s red-state incumbents would largely embrace the new agenda — which, he acknowledged, purposefully avoids the social issues that have already opened a rift this year between the party’s liberal base and centrist bloc.

“There is not that divide on economic issues,” Schumer told reporters as Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, whose anti-corporate agenda influenced Democrats’ new economic strategy, worked a small but adoring crowd in a county that went for Donald Trump by more than 55 percent last year.

“The focus starts on economic issues,” Schumer continued. “That’s where the American people are hurting. That’s what we most felt was missing in the past in the last several elections.”

But will Democrats be able to wash off the stench from their obsession with social issues that drive their base voters but repel everyone else?

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