Chelsea Clinton stepped in it big time.

She parroted the left’s talking points on Confederate statues.

But she hurled one attack on social media that immediately blew up in her face.

Clinton retweeted a Muslim refugee who posted a story about Germany discovering a concrete swastika on a sports field.

The Nazi symbol was used as the foundation for a monument and officials are quickly moving to tear down the evil symbol.

But Clinton retweeted someone who compared the removal of vile Nazi symbols to that of Confederate statues by saying “you don’t keep monuments to evil.”

She attacked the heritage of millions of American families whose ancestors fought in the Civil War.

They certainly don’t regard their family’s history as evil.

And Clinton is out of step with the vast majority of Americans.

Polls show a majority of Americans want Confederate statues to remain in place.

WTVR reports:

“A majority of Americans polled in an NPR/PBS News Hours/Marist poll believe that statues of honoring leaders of the Confederacy should remain as a historical symbol.

Of the 1,125 adults surveyed, 62% believe they should remain, 27% believe they should be removed because they are offensive and 11% are unsure.”

Tearing down American history has become a litmus test for the left.

It’s part of their desire to impose political correctness and cultural Marxism on America.

But Americans are rejecting what many see as cultural genocide.

The Civil War was a painful time in American history.

600,000 Americans died in a conflict that ultimately ended slavery.

It’s part of our nation’s history and people should be free to memorialize it.