Chelsea Clinton jumped into the debate over Confederate statues with both feet.

She thought she was being clever by tweeting out a comparison between those statues and Satan.

But her attack instantly blew up in her face.

Chelsea Clinton kicked off a social media firestorm when she compared statues honoring Confederate generals to erecting monuments to Satan in churches.

Conservatives immediately jumped on her outrageous interpretation of theology and her knowledge of statues in church.

Mark Steyn noted that it was the Democrat Party – the one party Chelsea belongs to – that was the party of slavery and the Confederacy.

Fox News reports:

“I don’t think she’s very sound on the theology or the history,” Steyn said.

“If the Confederacy is Satanic, the church… of Satan is the Democratic Party,” he said.

“The Democrats were the biggest institutional supporters of slavery on the planet in the 19th Century. And, they’re the only ones to have survived into the 21st Century.”

Steyn said Clinton herself was being even further hypocritical because her own father “presided” over the funeral of a former “exalted cyclops” of the KKK: Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.).

He said that, using Clinton’s analogy, Byrd would be considered a “Satanic archbishop.”

Other twitter users responded to Chelsea and pointed out many churches have statues or stained glass window art depicting Lucifer’s fall from grace.

Chelsea Clinton’s tweet proved she’s never opened a history book or has very little knowledge of what statues actually appear in churches.

It was another epic fail for her on social media.