Chelsea Clinton is following in her parents footsteps.

She’s continuing the Clinton tradition of public scandal.

And she just found herself in hot water because of one strange tweet.

Clinton is an active presence on social media.

But her tweeting tends to land her in trouble.

Clinton’s poor social media judgment was on full display when she ended up in a twitter exchange with the Church of Satan.

Clinton was tweeting back and forth with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen when the Hooters restaurant chain and the Church of Satan were tagged in the exchange.

She ended up wishing a Happy New Year to the Church of Satan.

The exchange began when Clinton reached out to Teigen after online trolls used pictures of Teigen’s daughter in a Halloween costume to make false accusations of pedophilia.

After Clinton responded, other users jumped in and Hooters and the Church of Satan were added to the conversation.

Rather than remove them, she responded to them.

This was yet another faux pas in a long line of social media missteps by Chelsea Clinton.

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