Democrats vs RepublicansWill Republicans take control away from Democrats in the U.S. Senate in November?

If the historically consistent parallel of ocean tides continues to prevail, the political tide is certainly in favor of a Republican takeover of the Senate this fall.

Just like the ocean tide, there is an alternating political tide that comes in and goes out with regularity.

In our two-party system each major party – Democrat and Republican – suffers or profits from the tide of voter frustration and anger that is moving for or against one of the two major parties.

This November is no different.

The tide coming in is definitely a Republican tide and the Democrats are swimming against it.

Is it because voters suddenly like or trust Republicans more?

Clearly, the answer is no.

Voter dissatisfaction, disgust and disdain with both parties (and politics in general) are at all-time highs.

In fact, many partisan voters are realizing for the first time that the politicians in their own party simply cannot be trusted.

Why then is the tide decidedly against the Democrats this November?

The answer is simple – Barrack Hussein Obama.

As the first openly socialist American president approaches 2000 days in office the electorate is decidedly dissatisfied with the President’s job performance.

The failure of job-killing Obamacare, the horror of veterans dying and committing suicide because of the non-existent medical care from the Obama Veteran Hospitals, and the scandal of the Obama trade of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five terrorist operatives at Guantanamo are just a few of the most recent reminders that we have an incompetent president.

That is bad for Democrats because historically the tide is almost always against the party of a sitting president during mid-term elections.

This election will be no different.

This mid-term the Republicans already firmly hold the House of Representatives, but the Senate is viewed by most political insiders as being up for grabs.

Yesterday, the National Journal Daily reported much the same view as your American Patriot Daily News Network.

“Obama’s approval rating since his 2012 reelection has declined gradually through 2013. It picked up a bit in 2014, to an average of 44 percent approval and 51 percent disapproval for the months of April and May. To be clear, these are bad approval ratings, but they have been worse, and they now appear to have stabilized in the spring of this year at that 44 percent level. It is not that surprising, though, that the aftermath of the controversy surrounding the administration’s trade of five Guantanamo detainees for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, combined with the disclosures concerning the Veterans Affairs health care system, would move the president’s approval and disapproval needles. Over Gallup’s seven-day sampling period ending Saturday, June 21, Obama’s job-approval rating was 41 percent (with a disapproval of 54 percent). During the week of June 9-15, the same poll showed the president with an approval rating of 42 percent — noteworthy because for the full months of April and May, Obama’s approval rating remained at 44 percent.”

Apart from a seismic political earthquake that would bring in a Democrat tide, the Republicans will make great gains this November.