Chuck Schumer and his fellow Democrats were dreading this day.

They fought tooth-and-nail to stop Republicans from confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court because they feared it would lead to massive defeats in landmark Supreme Court cases.

And now Brett Kavanaugh is about to do the one thing that will leave Schumer red with rage.

The Supreme Court declined to hear two New Jersey cases – Morris County v. Freedom from Religion Foundation, and The Presbyterian Church in Morristown v. Freedom from Religion Foundation – where lower courts ruled local governments could not distribute 12 million dollars in state aid to churches for historical preservation.

The county and the churches argue that the New Jersey state law barring this practice violated the First and Fourteenth Amendment’s ban on religious discrimination.

It takes four Justices to grant the Supreme Court to hear a case, but only Justices Kavanaugh, Alito and Gorsuch wanted to bring these cases before the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh authored a dissent – which was joined by Alito and Gorsuch – where he made it clear the conservative Justices were looking for a way to bring religious liberty cases before them so they could put a stop to discrimination against faith based organizations.

“The New Jersey Supreme Court concluded that the State’s discrimination [in blocking funding] did not violate the First and Fourteenth Amendments,” Kavanaugh wrote. “In my view, the decision of the New Jersey Supreme Court is in serious tension with this Court’s religious equality precedents.”

“As this Court has repeatedly held, governmental discrimination against religion—in particular, discrimination against religious persons, religious organizations, and religious speech—violates the Free Exercise Clause and the Equal Protection Clause,” Justice Kavanaugh continued.

“Barring religious organizations because they are religious from a general historic preservation grants program is pure discrimination against religion,” Kavanaugh stated. “At some point, this Court will need to decide whether governments that distribute historic preservation funds may deny funds to religious organizations simply because the organizations are religious.”

Kavanaugh and his fellow conservatives may have lost this round.

But he threw down a marker to show where he will come down on this issue.

That’s important because the court already has heard one major religious liberty case before them this term.

The court recently heard arguments about the Bladensburg Peace Cross in the American Legion v. American Humanist Association case.

Atheists want to tear down the cross – which serves as a memorial to World War I veterans – because they claim religious symbols cannot be displayed on government ground.

The left declared all-out war on Christianity during Barack Obama’s two terms in office.

Conservatives voted for Donald Trump in 2016 so he would appoint Supreme Court Justices who would roll back the left’s schemes to eliminate religious displays from public life.

In this dissenting opinion, Kavanaugh made it clear he will reward the voters for putting their trust in Donald Trump.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.