Brett KavanaughPresident Donald Trump’s greatest achievement since taking office has been his Supreme Court appointments.

And they’re starting to pay massive dividends towards upholding the President’s agenda.

Now, Justice Brett Kavanaugh is about to hand Trump one huge victory that will leave Nancy Pelosi shrieking.

Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch have been the two most important things that have come out of President Donald Trump’s time in office.

The fact that the President was able to appoint two Supreme Court justices, as opposed to Hillary Clinton, could change the legal makeup of the United States for generations.

And these two men continue to deliver major victories for Trump to this day.

But now, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch are on the verge of handing President Trump a political victory for the ages.

And it’s something that could leave Nancy Pelosi shrieking like never before.

“The Trump administration asked the Supreme Court Monday to allow enforcement of new immigration rules that would deny asylum to migrants who did not seek protected status in a country they passed through on their way to the southern border,” reports the Daily Caller.

“The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals gave the government a partial victory on Aug. 16 and trimmed the reach of the injunction. The panel said Tigar’s order should remain in force in Arizona and California (which are within the 9th Circuit’s jurisdiction) but should not be enforced on a nationwide basis for the time being,” adds the Daily Caller.

This could be one of the greatest victories for the President at the Supreme Court to date.

And while the court has yet to rule on the matter, the President has a decisive advantage based on the conservative bent of the court.

“The administration asked the Supreme Court Monday night to go a step further and stay the injunction altogether, so the new asylum rules can be applied across the whole country while litigation continues,” concludes the Daily Caller.

If Trump scores a victory here, it could set a major precedent regarding the new rules the administration wants to put in place regarding asylum requests.

And it’s a win that would be a major boost to Trump’s re-election efforts as well.

The President campaigned on securing the border and ending illegal immigration, and the Supreme Court may be giving him a win that could guarantee him a second term in office.

“As to the lawfulness of the asylum reforms, the administration disputed Tigar’s finding that the new rules should have been subject to a public notice and comment period, pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act (APA),” adds the Daily Caller.

“The government wants to invoke a foreign affairs exception to the notice and comment requirement, saying the rules are part of broader negotiations with Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador over the migration crisis.”

Do you think Trump will win this upcoming Supreme Court case?

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