Democrats hurled every smear imaginable at Brett Kavanaugh.

They accused him of being a drunken gang rapist who assaulted women for fun.

And you won’t believe the truth about what Brett Kavanaugh did to these four women.

Brett Kavanaugh Sends A Message To Women

Brett Kavanaugh became the first Supreme Court Justice to hire an all-female law clerk staff.

On Kavanagh’s first day, he hired Shannon Grammel, Megan Lacy, Kim Jackson and Sara Nommensen.

Not even left-wing feminist icon Ruth Baden Ginsburg hired all women to be her clerks.

Of course, liberals were furious.

CNN political analyst Joan Walsh whined that Kavanaugh was “pandering.”

“I mean the female clerks,” Walsh began.

“I guess that’s great, Kate. He’s talked about that before. It felt a little bit like pandering to me. As I said before, there’s not really anything new. This is the way he introduced himself in his very first …” she ranted before CNN host Kate Bolduan cut her off with a question.

“I guess it has worked,” Walsh continued, “but I don’t know that it’s going to work to make women who are still upset about the treatment of Dr. Blasey Ford feel any better.”

“It did,” Walsh finished. “It felt a lot like pandering to me.”

Americans were shocked to hear a liberal talk this way.

They are the party of identity quotas and diversity.

Normally liberals praise hires that increase “representation” of women and minorities.

But Kavanaugh hired on the merits.

He judged these four women to be the most qualified applicants.

Instead of praising Kavanaugh, liberals found a way to mock him.

Kavanaugh Speaks At The White House

Kavanaugh spoke at the White House ceremony following his swearing in.

He spoke emotionally about his family and friends.

That’s because they were all dragged through the mud during his ordeal.

“When I give advice to young people or speak to students, I tell them, cherish your friends, look out for your friends, lift up your friends, love your friends,” Kavanaugh began. “I love all my friends.”

“My daughters, Margaret and Liza, are smart, strong, awesome girls. They’re in the middle of fall lacrosse, looking forward to the upcoming basketball season.” He concluded, “I thank their teachers for giving them the day off tomorrow so that they can come watch two cases being argued at the Supreme Court.”

The media attacked Kavanaugh’s friends as drunks, perverts, and serial abusers of women.

Kavanaugh’s young daughters had to wake up every day to news about how their father was a gang rapist.

It was a disgusting scene.

But many Americans believe the Democrats will pay a political price for their behavior.

And there is some evidence that will be the case.

Polls in key Senate races have swung in the Republicans favor.

Democrats did not expect that to happen.

They thought Republicans would alienate their female voters forever by supporting Kavanaugh.

Instead, millions of women realized that their sons could be the next high-profile man destroyed by fake allegations and hoaxes.

That’s why races are turning in the GOP’s favor.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.