The social activist group Black Lives Matter has tried to be a radical political movement since 2013, following the George Zimmerman case that originally sparked the hashtag on Twitter.

Often times, their protests against “black oppression” turn violent, causing major damage and injuries.

Now, a special group is arranging a new protest—but with a bizarre condition.

A Democratic congressional candidate is organizing a Black Lives Matter demonstration specifically for their “white allies”.

Cori Bush is organizing the protest in order for their “white allies” to show their solidarity.

The Daily Caller writes:

Cori Bush, who is black, is organizing Thursday night’s “White Allies Only” rally in order for white people to demonstrate their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, the AP reported.

The AP report didn’t mention that Bush is running for Congress in Missouri’s 1st District in 2018. Bush is challenging incumbent Rep. Lacy Clay in the Democratic primary.

Bush has been advertising the rally on Twitter and Facebook.

One advertisement for the event reads: “Show our solidarity with the economic impact of protests” and includes the hashtag “#EndWhiteSilence.”

Bush’s Congressional campaign has the backing of another radical sect that has been taking hold in the political world.

“Brand New Congress” is a progressive political organization started by Bernie Sanders campaign staffers following his failure in the 2016 presidential election.

Cori Bush has long been a Bernie Sanders supporter, even speaking at a Sanders rally in March 2016.

She is also backed by Justice Democrats, another political faction that wants the Democratic Party to be even further left-wing.

The Daily Caller continued:

The “White Allies Only” is the latest demonstration that Bush has organized following the acquittal of a white police officer, Jason Stockley, for the 2011 shooting of a black man, Anthony Lamar Smith.

Black Lives Matter continues to promote their political ideologies in the hopes of gaining actual political favor.

Perhaps this “White Allies Only” rally is their last-ditch effort to gain more support for their cause.

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