Though the story of what happened in McKinney, TX might have wound down, in favor of the newest, anti-cop, anti-white story, there was one video that somehow didn’t make it into the limelight.

It’s of a black radio host by the name of the Benét Embry, who hosts a show called the Benét Embry Radio Show,” and it appeared on CNN, putting the blame squarely where it belongs:

On the teens who incited the officer responding to the scene to draw his gun and act the way he did.

Embry maintains if the kids hadn’t been there, jumping over the fence, trying to get into a pool they didn’t belong to, then the incident wouldn’t have played out as it did.

He notes for the teens to be dancing about erratically, behind the officers back as they were, made it so they officer felt like he was in danger.

Embry explains everything that went wrong in the neighborhood that day had nothing to do with race.

He said “It was about 130 kids there, 100 good kids there just having a good time. Out of the 130, predominantly African American, seven knuckleheads ruined the whole thing for everybody,” Embry said. “That’s what this is all about. I don’t think — I do not believe that officer showed up to the subdivision with the intention, ‘I’m going to go out and swing black kids around.’ I do not believe that.”

You can see the radio hosts piece below.

Embry has subsequently received death threats because he had the courage to address real issues.

That he might oppose the liberal media’s portrayal of this as being nothing more than another racial event has escalated into him being called an “Uncle Tom,” and someone who doesn’t get it.

The truth is there are police in this nation who don’t play by the rules, who commit injustices against people. But the idea this is entirely based on race is absurd.

Recent research show it’s whites who are more likely to be the victims in a police shooting.

So to try and adapt this provocative story and use it as yet another instance of racism in the police community is disingenuous and facetious.

But this is how the left continues to divide America.

Using everything that can be remotely construed as racist and trying to make it seem like America isn’t far removed from the days of white slave owners abusing black slaves.

Perhaps that’s why people respond to the truth with death threats, instead of thoughtful an reasonable debate.

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