Bernie Sanders has a major problem.

A former Hillary Clinton advisor accused him of a shocking crime.

And some are claiming it’s treason.

There is still bad blood remaining from the 2016 presidential primary.

Hillary Clinton – as well as her supporters – believe Bernie Sanders’ attacks on her character helped sink her campaign.

Clinton went so far as to write in her new book “What Happened” that Sanders’ attacks made it possible for Trump’s “Crooked Hillary” nickname to gain traction.

But that was nothing compared to what Adam Parkhomenko – a top Clinton advisor who worked as the Director of Grassroots engagement in her 2008 presidential campaign – accused Bernie Sanders of doing.

Parkhomenko claimed the Russians worked to boost Sanders during the primary and that the Vermont Senator may be hiding the fact his campaign colluded with Moscow.

Democrats have spent over one year accusing Trump of treason because they deluded themselves into believing he colluded with Moscow based on fake news stories.

Since Democrats may also now believe collusion with Moscow equals treason some in the party now may regard Sanders as a disloyal American.

Parkhomenko leveling this explosive charge also shows how fully consumed Clinton’s world is with what many conservatives mockingly refer to as the “BUT MUH RUSSIANS!” conspiracy.

Clinton and her allies believed the Presidency was her birthright.

So after the American people rejected her they descended into the fever swamps to rationalize her loss.

They have blamed sexism, James Comey, the media and fake news for her loss.

But the most consistent excuse they have employed to excuse her defeat was the baseless theory the Russians “hacked” the election.

They are so wrapped up in this conspiracy theory they are now extending the label of Kremlin puppet to Bernie Sanders.

Do you believe Russia colluded with Bernie Sanders during the 2016 campaign?

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