Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ political career is in a downward spiral after he lost his place in the 2016 Democratic primaries.

Still, he remains a vocal opponent of President Trump and the Republican-majority Congress, despite recent scandals in his life serving as distractions.

But now it seems Bernie Sanders is inconceivably shifting his outrage to another source — conservative media.

The progressive Senator published a video of himself attacking a right-winged media source.

Fox News was targeted by the socialist for their coverage of his bizarre reaction to changes in United States healthcare legislation being tabled due to a lack of votes.

Sanders had previously mentioned that the proposed Senate healthcare bill replacement for Obamacare would cause “thousands of people to die.”

Sanders backed his claims by “fact-checking” using another liberally-charged media outlet, PolitiFact.

The Daily Caller reports:

Sanders relied on a PolitiFact fact-check as the basis for attacking Fox News’ health care coverage. The fact-checking site rated his claim “mostly true.”

PolitiFact, which in 2008 gave Barack Obama a “true” rating for his false claim that under Obamacare “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” relied on several studies to conclude that Sanders’ claim was “phrased generally enough to be defensible.”

When rating Sanders’ claim, the fact-checkers conceded that “we can’t say with any specificity how many deaths will occur. It’s important to note that the studies provide estimates only, and each study found a slightly different result.”

Fox News commentators responded in kind to Sanders’ incomprehensible claim that replacing Obamacare would result in such a devastating loss of life.

The Daily Caller writes:

Fox News host Kennedy fired back at Sanders on Twitter, writing: “Can you please explain why so many helpless vets died while you chaired the Veterans’ Affairs Committee? Bad track record!”

Bernie Sanders remains vigilant in his promotion of the left’s agenda, and continues the rhetoric that repealing Obamacare would be a mistake.

In reality, Obamacare has left millions of Americans with inadequate care and healthcare premiums they struggle to pay.

Those who cannot afford the outrageous premiums are faced with a severe fine during tax season, an ironic punishment for those who cannot afford the coverage in the first place.

Sanders is just another wealthy politician out of touch with the struggles of the American people, yet portrays himself as “fighting for their rights.”

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