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The 2020 Democratic primary for President is going to be a bloodbath.

Dozens of presidential hopefuls are expected to run.

But one potential candidate is reeling after this sex scandal continues to destroy his chances.

In 2016, avowed Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders was the darling of the far left.

After running a strong campaign against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders emerged from the 2016 campaign as a top-tier candidate to compete against President Trump in 2020.

With the Democratic field wide open and dozens of potential candidates expected to run, Sanders remained at the top of every list of potential candidates.

However, that may all be changing.

Sanders is reeling as the largest scandal of his political career continues to get worse.

Sanders’ 2016 campaign has been under fire for multiple sexual assault allegations, and yet more claims of sexual harassment and abuse are being heaped upon the Vermont Senator’s campaign operatives.

On the last night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in 2016, Sanders’ staffers attended a bar in the city’s downtown to mark the end of the socialist’s campaign for President.

It was in this bar where Robert Becker – Sanders’ convention floor leader and Iowa campaign manager – allegedly assaulted a female staffer from Sanders’ campaign.

Politico reports, “Later in the night, Becker approached the woman and grabbed her wrists. Then he moved his hands to her head and forcibly kissed her, putting his tongue in her mouth as he held her, the woman and other sources said.”

When Becker decided to begin touring the early primary states in anticipation of Sanders jumping back into the race in 2020, the female staffer came forward.

The result has since been a media bloodbath for Sanders, who has been forced to deal with this and several other allegations of sexual harassment from his campaign operatives.

For his part, Becker has denied any wrongdoing, telling the press, “I categorically deny these allegations of improper and unprofessional conduct.”

The allegations have yet to go away however, and they appear to be hurting Sanders himself now.

Politico adds, “The allegations have put Sanders on the defensive as he steps toward a second White House run…The accusations could complicate Sanders’ efforts to hire female staffers and hurt his standing among young progressive women.”

Sanders has yet to formally get into the 2020 primary, though he remains in the media spotlight as a potential candidate.

Should he get into the race, he would likely be considered a top-tier candidate.

But the sexual harassment allegations stemming from his past bid for the White House are sure to complicate matters, to say nothing of the far more crowded, and left-leaning field, Sanders would have to compete with.

While he emerged as the anti-Clinton choice in 2016, the 2020 Democratic primary is likely to draw the largest number of major candidates in history.

Any smudge on a candidate’s record will be used against them in both the primary and the general.

And Sanders’ political baggage has only grown since 2016.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.