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Joe Biden seemed to have the Democrat nomination completely secured.

But the victory was short-lived.

Bernie Sanders jumped back into the race with a shocking announcement.

Joe Biden is trying to remain relevant to voters without leaving his house.

A recent poll showed that Biden has lost any edge he previously had over Trump in battleground states.

Joe Biden has been trying to hold online rallies for the people of Florida. These campaign events are hardly a success.

Joe Biden is not making himself appear more presidential by mumbling from his basement.

Even the Democrats who are willing to vote for Biden aren’t doing it because they actually want Biden to be president, they’ve just bought the mainstream media’s lie that Trump is evil and needs to be replaced at any cost.

Joe Biden’s lukewarm support and cognitive troubles were already problems for Biden before Tara Reade accused him of sexual assault in 1993.

The Democrat leadership who are nearly out for power, like Nancy Pelosi, are willing to keep on supporting Biden, but the radical left is having doubts about him.

Bernie Sanders has probably seen the poll that 26 percent of Democrats want to see Joe Biden removed.

His choice to suspend his campaign now probably looks like a premature decision, but even if he isn’t campaigning, he is still on the ballot and Joe Biden unwisely allowed him to keep his delegates.

There’s likely to be a brokered convention for Democrats, and while they may be looking to replace Biden, they’re not looking to replace him with Bernie Sanders.

Sanders has a reputation of being hard to work with among Democrats and so fixated on his radical socialist goals that he’s unlikely to win against Trump.

But the more delegates that Sanders can get in the remaining primaries, the more influence he’ll have at the convention.

Democrats on the New York State Board of Elections tried to cancel the state’s primary.

However, a federal judge said that since Joe Biden still needed 1,991 delegates to win the nomination, the election board could not take the name of every other candidate off the ballot, basically reinstating the primary.

Sanders was quick to celebrate this huge win as he tries to keep collecting delegates.

Sanders’ former campaign manager Faiz Shakir said in a statement, “We’re glad Judge Torres has restored basic democracy in New York. People in every state should have the right to express their preference in the 2020 Democratic primary. We have confidence that New York can hold elections in June in a safe manner that preserves New Yorkers’ right to vote.”

Sanders’ campaign adviser Jeff Weaver has suggested that states moving or cancelling their primaries must be investigated because it showed a “checkered pattern of voter disenfranchisement.”

“While we understood that we did not have the votes to win the Democratic nomination, our campaign was suspended, not ended, because people in every state should have the right to express their preference,” Weaver said in a statement.

Bernie Sanders may not have the delegates to win the nomination outright but he may be scheming to replace Biden at a brokered convention.