Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner in the Democrat Party race for President.

But his candidacy is a ticking time bomb waiting to blow up in the Democrats’ faces.

And that is because Bernie Sanders is hiding three dirty secrets. This is why Democrats are terrified.

The Green New Deal seemed like it was the height of Democratic stupidity.

It was the laughing stock of the public for weeks and not a single senator was willing to go on record voting for it.

But it did something rather clever because it made the claim that the government needs to step into the private sector in order to save the world from global warming.

The Green New Deal would overstep the Constitution limits of the federal government and allow the government to control where people live, how they travel, what they eat and where they work.

And it uses environmentalism as the justification.

It’s clear that the Green New Deal was written with the intention of bringing America more in line with a Communist ideal.

Communism has been proven to kill hundreds of millions of people.

It’s far more deadly than global warming.

It’s clear that environmental protection isn’t what Bernie Sanders is after because the green energy solutions that they’re proposing are ineffective and bad for the environment.

Take wind energy, the gold standard of green energy; there are three facts that make it useless in the fight against global warming.

  1. The blades on wind turbines cannot be recycled. Which means that tens of thousands of blades are going to come down in the next few years and end up in landfills. It’s projected that 3,800 turbines come down each year, and the problem is only going to get worse since most of the turbine were put up less than a decade ago.
  2. The next problem is that wind turbines are bird killing machines. According to Audubon, wind turbines “kill an estimated 140,000 to 328,000 birds each year in North America, making it the most threatening form of green energy.” And at the moment wind energy only accounts for 2% of America’s electricity.
  3. But the main problem with wind is that it’s ineffective as a power source. Wind is not reliable and because of that it’s impossible to run electricity grids completely on wind or solar energy.

If climate change really was a threat that Bernie Sanders was worried about with global warming, he would advocate the use of nuclear energy, build flood walls around low-lying cities, and stop imports from China and India which don’t abide by any environmental rules.

Bernie Sanders hasn’t proposed any measures that would significantly reduce the rates of energy use in America because environmentalism is clearly not what he’s worried about.

Environmentalism is only an excuse for him to expand the government’s control.

Bernie Sanders has openly admired communist dictators in Cuba and Venezuela. If he is the nominee for the Democratic Party, it will become imperative to stop him from coming close to the White House.