Bernie Sanders is trying kick start a socialist revolution in America.

The first part of that uprising is defeating Donald Trump.

But his attack on Trump backfired in spectacular fashion and Sanders was left humiliated.

Sanders took to twitter to attack Trump and Republicans for so-called “voter suppression.”

Liberals believe voter ID laws are racist.

But conservatives argue the integrity of our elections allow our society to function as the losing side accepts the fact that they lost a contest that was on the level.

Liberals fight voter ID laws because voter fraud is an integral part of their campaign strategy.

A Democratic activist in Virginia was arrested for registering dead people to vote, which is just one example of the Democrats’ efforts to cheat in elections.

Bernie Sanders thought he was fighting back against Trump and voter ID laws when he issued the following tweet.

There is just one problem.

Sanders ran a campaign centered on his socialist ideas and lost the Democrat nomination.

By his own standards he should get out of politics and stop trying to destroy America.

Even liberal journalists could not help but mock Sanders for his ridiculous self-own on twitter.

Sanders needs to take his own advice and get out of politics.

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