Democrats are itching to impeach President Trump.

But it may be their greatest undoing.

And now, Bernie Sanders has a warning for Democrats they can’t ignore.

Democrats’ hatred for President Trump has reached all new levels.

After two years in the White House, the left can’t stand President Donald Trump now more than ever before.

And they’re pushing for impeaching the President as the best way to get rid of him before the 2020 presidential elections.

But not every Democrat is on board with removing President Trump from office via impeachment.

And among those who think it could completely backfire on the party is Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Senator who is now running his second Presidential race.

In a stunning move, Sanders just came out against impeaching the President.

And he gave a grave warning to Democrats who continue to push for it: impeach the President at your own risk.

The Daily Caller reports, “Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders cautioned Democrats that pushing for the impeachment of President Donald Trump could shift the focus from other issues and ultimately work “to Trump’s advantage.””

Sanders is completely right for once.

If Democrats try to impeach President Trump, especially after the investigation conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller cleared the President of any wrongdoing in the Russian interference in the 2016 election, the results could be devastating for Democrats.

The public backlash that would follow impeachment proceedings could be monumental.

And what’s more, Democrats have no avenue to even remove Trump from office even if they do impeach him.

While they likely would have the votes to bring forward impeachment in the House, they aren’t even close to holding enough votes in the Senate to successfully impeach him and remove him as President.

In essence, impeachment of Donald Trump will only help galvanize his supporters and make it clear to the rest of America that the Democratic Party is extremely power hungry and shouldn’t be trusted with the keys to power in the 2020 elections.

Sanders sees this and he’s trying to warn his fellow Democrats not to follow through with impeachment.

But many aren’t listening.

Many Democrats running for President, including Elizabeth Warren, support impeachment.

And Sanders could be attacked for being too moderate by stating he opposes removing Trump from office.

“At the end of the day what is most important to me is to see that Donald Trump is not re-elected president. I intend to do everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen. But if—and this is an if—for the next year or year-and-a-half, going right into the heart of the election, all that Congress is talking about is impeaching Trump, Trump Trump and Mueller, Mueller, Mueller….it works to Trump’s advantage,” Sanders said in a town hall with CNN this week.

“Of the other major candidate town halls held Monday, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and California Sen. Kamala Harris favored impeaching the president, while Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar dodged the question,” concludes the Daily Caller.

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