The left has latched onto the NFL anthem protests and rap star Eminem as the latest weapon in their cultural war against Donald Trump and his supporters.

But it was the biggest mistake of their lives.

A hero from Benghazi spoke for all patriotic Americans when he shut them down with one epic response.

Fading rapper Eminem re-entered the cultural landscape when he unleashed a scathing profane, freestyle rap on Donald Trump.

He praised Colin Kaepernick and defended the anti-American national anthem protests.

Eminem – whose real name is Marshall Mathers – also blasted Trump as a racist and told all of his supporters, who may have been fans of his, to “$%^& off!” if they refused to disavow the President.

Of course Mathers’ rap received widespread praise among journalists, athletes, and liberal activists.

But Kris Paranto – one of the heroes who survived Hillary Clinton’s abandonment of Americans during the terrorist attack in Benghazi – stepped it up and leveled the protesters, Eminem, and his supporters with one epic Instagram post.

He blasted Eminem for his long history of lyrics that glorify drug use and domestic violence.

Paranto wrote:

“Saw some posts this morning about the candy rapper m&m rapping his opinion … we’ll it swayed me to disrespect the flag and follow the opinion of the ex 49’er QB and kneel during the pledge of allegiance disrespecting all who served ……….wait, no it didn’t

If I want advice on how to commit domestic abuse, live in excess, disrespect the masses as well as lessons on ungratefulness I’ll listen to m&m and the NFL players. Until then I’ll wear my shirt with pride throughout my travels and continue to stand for the flag and pledge of allegiance for this great nation .

 I’ll be damned if I let anyone including adolescent athletes and pop culture crybabies turn this symbol of freedom and courage ,who many of my teammates, families and friends sacrificed for , into a symbol of oppression and bigotry.

The only bigots & racists I have seen throughout this are from the “kneelers” and their supporters. For hells sake I even saw a post stating that those that support the 🇺🇸 are the ones who burn crosses really??!!

You have to be a special kind of stupid for that view, guess my Latino cross burning crew will need to get our torches ready for tonight

Like me or not for saying this , I could give a $%^&, unfollow me , I won’t lose a wink of sleep . I’ll continue standing for this great country , for freedom, for honor, for courage, and sacrifice and the symbol this represents. So I’m crossing your line in the sand killer @eminem.”

Paranto stuck up for the millions of patriotic Americans who are tired of seeing their nation, their flag, and their President disrespected and called racist by spoiled millionaires who attack a country that has allowed them to achieve such wealth and fame.

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