Barack Obama’s Deep State has tossed the country into a crisis through their scheme to force the impeachment of Donald Trump.

But the conspirators just hit a massive setback.

Obama’s Deep State was just taken down by the one person no one ever expected.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is an Obama loyalist.

Since leaving government, Clapper has been a consistent Trump critic and he’s used his new book to wage a disinformation campaign to contend that the Russians cheated to swing the election to Trump.

As part of his book tour, Clapper was interviewed by the far-left website Vox.

No one expected this interview – which consisted of softball after softball questions – to break major news.

But maybe Clapper had his guard down, because he let it slip that the media narrative that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians was fake news.

Clapper told Sean Illing of Vox,

Well, I certainly wondered about it when I saw the frequency of meetings between people in the Trump campaign and people with ties to the Russian government. And we’ve learned a lot about these and other connections since we published that intelligence community report in January 2017. But I saw no smoking-gun evidence of collusion before I left the government, and I still haven’t. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence and reasons to be suspicious, but no smoking gun as of yet.

But Clapper didn’t stop there.

In addition to saying there is no smoking gun, he declared that the collusion conspiracy was hurting the country and doubled-down on his insistence that he saw no evidence of collusion;

My hope is that special counsel Robert Mueller and his team will resolve this one way or the other. The country badly needs a resolution on this issue because it hangs over us like a cloud right now. I’m certainly not saying there was no collusion; I just haven’t seen any direct evidence of it yet.

In one answer, Clapper undercut the twin pillars of the case against Trump.

In his position as Director of National Intelligence, Clapper had access to the raw intelligence collected during the Russia investigation while he was in government.

And Clapper is known as a prominent leaker.

Critics accuse him of leaking the fact that former FBI Director James Comey briefed President Trump on the existence of the fake news allegations contained in the Christopher Steele dossier.

So if there was evidence that existed proving the Trump team colluded with the Russians, it would have leaked – and Clapper most likely would have been the leaker.

But the FBI and Obama administration didn’t turn up evidence of collusion for lack of trying.

They pulled every trick in the book.

The FBI wiretapped Carter Page, deployed national security letters which allowed them to snoop through the phone and email records of four Trump campaign aides, and sicced a spy on the campaign—all in an effort to turn up evidence of collusion.

The goal of the investigation was not to stop Russians from interfering with the election.

The only purpose of these active measures was to catch Trump aides in the act of colluding so it could be used to swing the election to Hillary.

All of these schemes came up empty-handed.

Clapper has seen no evidence of collusion because no one on the Trump side colluded with the Russians.

This was all just a hoax whose purpose was – as Clapper pointed out – to create a cloud over the Trump administration and paralyze the President politically.

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