While Attorney General Jeff Sessions has come under fire for his recusal in the Russia investigation, one thing is certainly clear.

Sessions has committed to undoing Barack Obama’s disastrous open borders policies.

And Obama was furious when he found out exactly what Sessions had up his sleeve.

In 2014, Obama loosened the rules on illegal aliens seeking asylum.

The administration allowed women greater leeway to claim fears of domestic and gang violence as the basis for asylum.

In 2014, the nation’s top immigration court ruled that a woman from Guatemala was eligible for asylum based on the Obama administration altering the requirements.

Sessions stated this led to the number of aliens claiming persecution rocketing from 5,000 in 2009 to 94,000 in 2016.

This was part of the Obama strategy.

The administration’s goal was to flood America with as many illegal aliens as possible in order to create a crisis that would force Congress to pass amnesty.

These revisions to the asylum laws, as well as the illegal executive amnesty DACA memo that allowed illegal aliens who allegedly came here as children to apply for work permits, were undertaken with one specific purpose in mind.

Obama took these unilateral moves to create an illegal immigration crisis after the Republican controlled House refused to take up the Gang of 8 amnesty legislation that the Democrat-run Senate passed in 2013.

Whatever one thinks of Sessions performance in the Russia investigation, the Attorney General has been loyal to President Trump’s America First Immigration agenda.

To that end, Sessions reset America’s asylum policy to the pre-2014 standards.

The Attorney General wrote in his memo:

“An alien may suffer threats and violence in a foreign country for any number of reasons relating to her social, economic, family, or other personal circumstances. Yet the asylum statute does not provide redress for all misfortune. It applies when persecution arises on account of membership in a protected group and the victim may not find protection except by taking refuge in another country.”

Sessions continued on explaining how the Obama-era decision contributed to the flood of illegal aliens into America:

“Powerful incentives were created for aliens to come here illegally and claim a fear of return. In effect, word spread that by asserting this fear, they could remain in the United States one way or the other. Far too often, that rumor proved to be true. The results are just what one would expect. The number of illegal entrants has surged. Credible fear claims have skyrocketed, and the percentage of asylum claims found meritorious by our judges declined.”

Liberals howled in outrage.

Karen Musalo, a defense lawyer for the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies at the University of California Hastings College of the Law told the New York Times, “What this decision does is yank us all back to the Dark Ages of human rights and women’s human rights and the conceptualization of it.”

But all Sessions ruling did was take America back to the pre-2014 standard for granting asylum.

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