Barack Obama spent eight years enacting the most anti-American agenda of any President ever.

Obama’s attempt to overthrow America’s constitutional Republic lasted right up until his very last moment in office.

And Barack Obama was caught red-handed committing this awful act of treason.

In the final days of the Obama administration, Deep State bureaucrats sought to cleanse any reference to the crisis at the Southern border.

Much like Hillary Clinton erased 33,000 emails, Obama’s henchmen erased speeches and transcripts from ICE’s website that detailed the severity of the emergency Obama was leaving behind.

Overall, 190 speeches and transcripts were erased from ICE computers.

A Sunlight Foundation report stated that the Obama administration destroyed records detailing the crisis of unaccompanied illegal alien children flooding the border as well as the threat to public safety posed by sanctuary cities.

The report stated:

Testimony from Thomas Homan, who was appointed Acting Director of ICE by President Trump soon after inauguration in January 2017, featured prominently in the removed collection. In one removed transcript — a February 2016 statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee about the “Unaccompanied Children Crisis” — then-Executive Associate Director of Enforcement and Removal Operations Homan detailed how ICE contracted out to “effectuate” the transportation of “UC” and enumerated the “important steps” that the administration had taken to “deter illegal immigration.” In another removed transcript from May 2016, Homan detailed how local jurisdictions “limiting or declining cooperation with ICE” put “the public at risk.” It is not inconceivable that an outgoing Democratic administration might want to avoid preserving these public stances for future scrutiny.

Obama wanted the Trump administration walking into the White House blind to the dire straits at the Southern border.

But Obama’s plan to suppress all the information and evidence that revealed the true nature of the catastrophe at the Southern border is coming back to haunt Americans.

144,000 illegal alien invaders poured over the border and were stopped by Border Patrol.

That was an over 30 percent increase from the previous month.

To make matters worse, illegal aliens from Ebola-ravaged countries are now showing up on America’s doorstep and demanding to be let in.

This led to President Trump taking dramatic action.

President Trump negotiated a deal to force Mexico to live up to previous commitments to slow the migration of illegal aliens through their country.

If Mexico does not follow through within 45 days, tariffs will go into effect until Mexico agrees to a regional pact that allows illegal aliens to apply for asylum in the first safe country they pass through as opposed to the United States.

This crisis is a direct result of the open borders policies left in place by the Obama administration.

Obama never lifted a finger to turn off the magnets for illegal immigration.

Instead, he promised amnesty.

Illegal aliens now see that the court orders and existing laws have President Trump’s hands tied and that if they can make it to the U.S. border – especially if they have children in tow – they are guaranteed to be released into the country with little possibility of deportation.

In fact, over one million illegal aliens are set to be turned loose in America in 2019—and a Homeland Security pilot program estimates 90 percent of illegal aliens will skip their deportation hearing and disappear into the country’s interior altogether.

This is a massive crisis and Barack Obama played a major role in allowing it to get this far out of hand.

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