The Democratic primary field is the largest in history.

20 different candidates are now eyeing each other down for the chance to run against President Trump.

And Barack Obama turned heads with this surprise 2020 announcement.

The Democratic primary field for President of the United States is the largest in American history.

And the knives are just starting to come out.

In what will be the most brutal, cutthroat nomination contest ever, Democrats are looking for any opportunity to knock off one another and claim the nomination for themselves.

But only one can win, and former Vice President Joe Biden thinks it will be him.

The establishment pick for the Democratic nomination just announced his intentions to run for president this past week, but he’s already reeling from a devastating betrayal that he didn’t want the rest of the country to know about.

Former President Barack Obama isn’t going to support him in his bid for the White House.

And even worse, Obama actually tried to keep Biden from running against Hillary Clinton in 2016 for the nomination.

MSN reports, “Barack Obama did not think Joseph R. Biden Jr. should run for president — he hardly needed to say it out loud for aides to understand that. The trick that summer of 2015 was finding a way to nudge Mr. Biden to stay out of the race without looking as if he was nudging Mr. Biden to stay out of the race.”

Obama apparently has no plans to endorse in this race either to decide the nominee against President Trump, even if his former Vice President is running for the nomination.

And while Biden is publicly stating that he asked for Obama to not endorse him, it could very well have been that Obama never had any plans to endorse Biden in the first place.

“By the time that Mr. Biden began weighing a campaign, the president had long since concluded that Hillary Clinton had the best chance of winning in 2016. Beyond that, Mr. Biden was awash in grief over the death of his son, hardly the state of mind for a grueling presidential marathon,” adds MSN.

“But Mr. Obama did not want to push and sought to give his vice president room to come to the decision himself. Over the course of weekly lunches, he gently pressed Mr. Biden on his thinking. Eventually, the president arranged for his own strategist to deliver a daunting assessment of the odds against a race. Mr. Biden got the message. ‘The president was not encouraging,’ he later acknowledged.”

Biden tried to keep this news under wraps, but it eventually made its way into the public eye.

And now it seems clear that Obama could be holding off from backing any of the candidates for the nomination, letting the bloody primary battle play itself out before backing the eventual nominee against President Trump in the November 2020 election for the presidency.

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