Barack Obama is not finished trying to fundamentally transform America.

But for him to do that, he needs to destroy Donald Trump.

And he just stabbed the President in the back with these five words.

The political world has honed in on the Alabama Senate race.

A victory by Democrat Doug Jones would cut into the GOP majority and clear a path for Democrats to seize control of both houses of Congress.

If that happens, they will press forward with impeaching the President and trying to remove him from office.

Jones’ victory depends on a surge in black voter turnout.

So Barack Obama was recruited to record a robocall to implore black voters to head to the polls because they “can’t sit this one out.”

CNN reports:

“Former President Barack Obama is adding his voice to the Alabama Senate race, imploring voters to go to the polls Tuesday to reject the candidacy of Roy Moore as part of an aggressive effort by Democrats to try and counter President Donald Trump’s full-throated endorsement of the controversial Republican candidate.

“This one’s serious,” Obama says in the call. “You can’t sit it out.”

Two Democratic officials familiar with the Alabama race tell CNN that Obama recorded the phone message in recent days, at the very time Trump stepped up his own involvement in the campaign with a recorded message. Obama does not mention Moore by name.

“Doug Jones is a fighter for equality, for progress,” Obama says. “Doug will be our champion for justice. So get out and vote, Alabama.”

Obama’s message to voters — intended to specifically reach black voters whose turnout is critical for Democratic candidate Jones — comes on the eve of a special election that has drawn extraordinary national attention and divided the Republican Party over whether sexual allegations against Moore make him unfit for office.”

Polling data shows a tight but steady lead for Moore.

If Moore wins, it will cut off the Democrats path to a Senate majority in 2018.

But if the Democrats win control of Congress, not only will they attempt to impeach Trump, but they will slam the breaks on his agenda.

And one crucial way they will do this is by cutting off the flow of judicial appointments.

So far Trump has seen the GOP Senate confirm not only Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, but also 12 circuit court judges.

In Barack Obama’s first year, the Democrat Senate confirmed three circuit court nominees.

Trump’s nominees are young, conservative jurists.

They will be shaping the court for decades.

Democrats are desperate to put a halt to that.

So they are calling in all their chips to defeat Roy Moore.

And that includes deploying Obama to help spike black voter turnout.


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