Liberals across America are gloating.

After the Democrat victories in New Jersey and Virginia, they can taste the end of the Trump administration.

And Barack Obama predicted Trump’s demise in this one statement.

Democrat Ralph Northam dispatched Republican establishment swamp creature Ed Gillespie in Virginia and Democrat Phil Murphy crushed RINO Kim Guadagno in New Jersey.

In the wake of these two anti-Trump “Republican” defeats, pundits immediately scrambled to label the victory of two Democrats – in states Democrats routinely win – as “referendums” on Trump’s supposed failures.

Barack Obama got into the act and even predicted that these two elections were a template for removing Trump from office.

Democrat cheerleaders in the media, such as left-wing Chris Cilliza of CNN, spiked the football and immediately pronounced Trump and the GOP doomed.

He wrote:

Ed Gillespie’s resounding loss in Tuesday’s Virginia governor’s race — coupled with a series of other losses in lower-profile races around the country — will likely take what was bubbling concern among Republicans about their prospects in the 2018 midterms and transform it into a frothing cauldron of panic.

That panic is born not from the fact of Gillespie’s defeat but the way in which he lost — and the role President Donald Trump and Trumpism played in that loss.

Gillespie, like lots and lots of Republicans in the House and Senate, is very much an establishment figure. A former chairman of the Republican National Committee. A senior member of Bushworld. A GOP lobbyist. A conservative but someone willing to compromise. A pragmatist not an ideologue.

And yet, on the biggest election night since Trump engaged in a hostile takeover of the GOP 18 months ago, even Gillespie was unable to escape the Trump vortex. Despite largely keeping Trump at arm’s length — a fact the President noted in a “don’t blame me” tweet shortly after the race was called Tuesday night — Gillespie watched as anti-Trump sentiment in key regions of the commonwealth doomed his chances of pulling off an upset victory. (Worth noting: In the race’s final weeks, Gillespie embraced many elements of Trump messaging — defending Confederate monuments, attacking MS-13 and sanctuary cities etc.)

From the DC exurbs of Loudoun County (where Northam won by an eye-popping 20 points) to the conservative Richmond suburbs of Chesterfield County (where Gillespie appeared to eke out a win), voters turned out in droves to send a clear message to Trump: We don’t like what you’re doing. At all.”

Elections are not contests of ideas or persuasion.

They are base turnout battles.

Right now the Democrats – much like the GOP was during Obama’s tenure – are fuming mad about the fact the other party controls the White House.

But if the Republicans want to hang on to their majorities, they must give their voters a reason to turnout.

And that means uniting around Donald Trump’s agenda and building the wall, restricting immigration, repealing Obamacare and putting America First in foreign policy.