Barack Obama and his Deep State allies can feel the ground shifting beneath their feet.

The cover-ups of the crimes they orchestrated are slowly unraveling.

And now Barack Obama is looking at jail time after Trump said these nine words.

The Justice Department filing a motion in court to drop all criminal charges against former National Security Advisor Lt. General Michael Flynn was just the tip of the iceberg.

Many Americans were stunned at the real bombshell contained within these findings.

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates revealed that on January 5, 2017, Yates found out that Obama already knew about the December phone call between Flynn and the Russian ambassador that the FBI wanted to use as the pretext to entrap Flynn in a lie.

Yates also revealed that Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden were in the room when FBI Director James Comey described using the 1799 Logan Act as the fabricated criminal pretext for setting up the Flynn interview.

When this story finally went public, Donald Trump declared that Barack Obama presided over the biggest political crime in history.

“The biggest political crime in American history, by far!” the President said.

Fake news Amazon Washington Post reporter Philip Rucker asked the President what crime Trump thought Obama committed.

“Obamagate. It’s been going on for a long time. It’s a disgrace that it happened. And if you look at what’s gone on and if you look at now all of this information that’s being released, and from what I understand that’s only the beginning, some terrible things happened,” the President explained.

That same day, Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley demanded to know exactly what Obama knew about this criminal conspiracy and when he knew it.

“Given all we know now about the fake foundation of the inquiry, it’s time we ask: What did Obama and Biden know and when did they know it?” Grassley declared.

The fake news D.C. gossip website POLITICO asked Grassley if he thought Senate Republicans should investigate Obama.

“I’m suggesting that any details that we can get on that Jan. 5 meeting ought to be pursued,” Grassley told POLITICO.

“But it’s pretty clear that Obama had his fingers in this. And it’s kind of like, you don’t need to know much more, but just the fact that it’s public, that this came from the highest levels of the previous administration to give Flynn all of his trouble. And the Flynn problems were part of an effort that — the Democrats actually thought that they could cut short this presidency by probably three and a half years,” the Iowa Republican added.

United States Attorney John Durham is conducting a criminal investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion hoax.

Grassley previously hinted that investigation could lead to criminal charges against Obama Deep State goons.

Durham could indict Obama allies if he discovers crimes in order to pressure them to give up what they know about Barack Obama’s role in the Russian collusion conspiracy so the American people can finally receive a full accounting of the Obama administration and FBI trying to frame Donald Trump for conspiring with Russia during the 2016 election.

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