Barack Obama is old news.

After leading the Democratic Party for years, Obama is now watching in horror as Democrats left and right abandon him.

And now, Obama just got stabbed in the back by someone he never could have expected.

Former President Barack Obama was once proclaimed the savior of the Democratic Party.

As President, Obama presided over a virtual cult of personality around himself among fellow Democrats who locked arms to defend him through thick and thin for eight years.

And Obama commanded a tremendous amount of respect and loyalty within the party that had rarely been seen by anyone in decades.

But it only took a few years for that support to completely fall apart.

Since leaving office, Obama has been treated as old news.

And even worse, some Democrats are now even resorting to attacking the former President for being too moderate, despite the fact that Obama was one of the most left-wing presidents in history.

Those attacks from fellow Democrats have led to divisions within the party too.

“The GOP didn’t attack [President Ronald] Reagan, they built him up for decades. Dem candidates who ­attack Obama are wrong and terrible. Obama wasn’t perfect, but come on, people, next to Trump, he kind of is,” said Neera Tanden, leader of a far-left liberal think-tank.

Democrats aren’t heeding those warnings however.

They continue to use Obama as a punching bag at Democratic debates.

And there’s no sign of them slowing down any time soon.

The attacks on Obama have been mostly an attempt by other Democrats to find a way to attack Joe Biden, who is the only man whom the rest of the Democratic field actually cares about.

Obama is ineligible to run for President again.

But Biden is, and he’s leading the Democratic primary field.

The easiest way to get to Biden is to attack his record from his time in office as Vice President.

And the only way to successfully do that is to attack Obama himself.

This of course means that Obama is little more than collateral damage for other Democrats seeking to knock off Biden as the frontrunner in the Democratic primary, but the damage it is doing to Obama’s own legacy is immense.

It has gotten to the point that even some Democrats running for President are getting tired of the attacks on Obama.

“I hope the next debate we can talk about how we fix the things that Trump has broken, not how Barack Obama made all these mistakes,” said Joe Biden after suffering yet another round of blistering attacks from his campaign rivals last week.

Biden may not get his wish though.

With the former Vice President still leading all the polls and recovering from two separate rounds of attacks during the first two Democratic debates, the attacks on Biden, and Obama, may only grow from here on out.

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