While well-intentioned, it has become apparent for quite some time now that Michelle Obama’s school lunch program is not having the desired effect on schools and their students than once thought – and the Department of Agriculture and Trump’s administration are fighting back.

Since the program’s initiation in 2010, schools have endured extremely strict regulations on the sodium and fat content offered in school meals. Schools have also been required to serve whole grains, vegetables and fruits in and with each meal.

However, rather than lifting off the ground as originally predicted, this mandatory program has not only restricted schools’ flexibility in serving options, but has also heavily increased the amount of food waste in cafeterias. Why? Because many students have refused to eat the meals, leading the cafeteria employees to throw out the rest.

As a result, more and more schools are declining to participate in the program.

Thankfully, that may all be changing soon.

According to Western Journalism:

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue will visit a Virginia elementary school Monday to announce a rule to provide “regulatory flexibility” for the National School Lunch Program.

Sen. Pat Roberts R-Kansas, will join Perdue on Monday. Roberts, who chairs the Senate Agriculture Committee, wrote the USDA this month demanding flexibility in the rules, saying they “have limited the flexibility of school foodservice providers, led to declining participation in the program, increased food waste in school cafeterias, and caused confusion regarding what foods can be used in fundraisers and extracurricular activities.”

“I urge you to act administratively and provide immediate relief from certain egregious aspects of the standards, particularly in regards to the rapidly approaching sodium limits and the dairy and whole grain requirements,” Roberts wrote. “After providing immediate relief, I urge you to provide long-term flexibility and certainty for our schools, our school foodservice directors, and other stakeholders.”

While Michelle Obama had forced the school lunch program down cafeterias’ throats for years, it has been a long, drawn out battle the whole way to get them to comply with her extremely strict requests. As a result, kids are no longer eating their “healthy” school lunches, and are instead either going hungry or are opting for the tempting, unhealthy options (like soda, chips, and pizza) that they were used to receiving before.

Not shockingly, what was once a well-intentioned program has now become a major headache for schools across the country. But, thankfully, it looks as though the Trump administration is rolling back those restrictions and is looking to control the issue.

For now, the nation will wait to see what changes will commence to Michelle Obama’s school lunch program. Until then, she’ll have to watch, standing from the sidelines, eating the words she once spewed out so readily to the country.