In the tumult that is this election season you might have missed something very important, and possibly disastrous, that directly concerns the 2016 election.

Despite seeing one of the lowest approval ratings of all time last year, Obama’s approval rate has actually rebounded in the past few months. His favorability is higher than it’s been in quite some time and has climbed back over 50% approval rating nationwide (up from a low of 37%).

Because Independents and Democrats are expressing approval for Obama and his policies what he’s been doing recently to influence the elections could have some pretty negative results for the election in November.

What exactly has he been doing?

Though his administration officially maintains they are neutral as to which Democratic candidate they support over the other, their behavior certainly shows they’re supporting Hillary.

According to The Hill.

Obama is officially neutral in the race between Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and he and his aides have been painstaking to show they’re not trying to tip the scales in favor of Clinton.
But the White House has defended Clinton against attacks from Sanders, and Obama has brushed aside concerns about Clinton’s vulnerabilities — including an FBI investigation into her use of a private email server as secretary of State.
“I think Barack Obama has done everything except put a ‘Clinton for president’ lapel pin on his suit,” said Democratic strategist Brad Bannon, who is neutral in the race.

The president’s involvement offers obvious benefits to Clinton.

Obama remains the most popular figure in the Democratic Party and any praise or defense of her, even if it’s implicit, could give Clinton a crucial boost as she looks to wrap up the Democratic nomination

The reason this is bad news is because this Obama’s support for Clinton could be the death-knell for the Sanders campaign, and many polls find Clinton fairing better than her potential GOP counterparts in head to head match ups.

Which is why it would likely be better for Sanders to win the nomination.

Of course for Obama to support Clinton that means he’s doing more of what he’s been doing since he took office in 08 – lying through his teeth.

There’s really no way to defend anything Clinton has done in her professional life. Nearly everything she’s done is tainted in some degree with corrupt activity.

But Obama is intent on making sure Clinton looks as pristine and trouble-free as she possibly can as she barrels towards the July DNC. After all if Obama were to issue any kind of resounding rebuke concerning Clinton he would be guilty by association. And we all know just how intent Obama is in making himself look as good as he possibly can.

Does this upset you, or do you think this is just politics as usual?